September 9 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our September 9 update!

・Added Rune feature in Enhancement Center "Sumina"

About Rune Feature
The Rune feature allows you to carve Runes on some equipment to enhance their performance.
The effects that are added by the Runes are random, but the rarer the Rune, the more powerful the effect is likely to be.
Also, by using a special item you can open "Rune Space" where you can carve the Runes.
*Gear in which you carve Runes or open Rune Space cannot be traded, exhibited in the Market or stored in the Closet.


How to use Rune feature
If you have cleared the Sub Quest "About Enhancement Center", you can accept the Quest about Runes when entering the Enhancement Center.
・Clear Main Quest Ch.19
・Sub Quests
 ┗About Gear
  ┗About Skills
   ┗About Skill Enhancement
    ┗YOME Build up & Lmt Break
     ┗About Gear Enhancement
      ┗About Enhancement Center

After the Rune Quest, you can use the Rune feature from NPC Sumina in the Enhancement Center.

*The quest added this time will not be functioned this time.
Scheduled to add voices to be played in the later update.
Event scenes will be added in to the album when quest is cleared. After the voices are added and checked the album, you will be able to see it with the voice.

How to get Runes
When "Crystallizing" your gear at Sumina, you can get "Crystals" that can be traded for Runes.
*Please note that the gear you "Crystallize" will disappear.
Collect "Crystals" and Deck in the Enhancement Center will exchange them for Runes.
Exchange the Crystals for Runes that match the gear you want to carve them on.

Rune Carving
You need a material "Rune" and the type of gear that matches the Rune to carve.
Talk to Sumina and select "Rune Carving" to carve Runes on your gear.
*Please note that carved Runes cannot be removed. You can only overwrite them with new Runes.
*You cannot carve Runes on Akashic Weapons and some other gear.

How to open Rune Space
In order to create space for Rune Carving, you must use a "Rune Potion" to "Open Rune Space".
You can get "Rune Potions" in "Alchemy Stone Shop" and "Tower of Time Exchange".
*Regardless of the gear rarity, the max Rune Space you can open is 5.
When using a higher rarity Rune Potion, the success rate to open space is also higher.