July 2 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our July 2nd update!

Added Achievements and Titles
・We have added Titles that players can earn when they clear achievements.

Added Achievements
・Achievement for clearing Main Quest Ch. 74
・Achievements for changing your Job to each Job and leveling them up
・Achievements for defeating Area Bosses
・Other additions to existing Achievements

How to find Achievements and Titles
・You can check the Achievements from NAVI > Achieve
・You can check the Achievements where you can earn Titles by tapping the "Change" button next to "Title" in your profile (MENU > Character > Status > Profile).

※"Change your job" achievements are cleared when you change to the corresponding job.
※If you have already reached the levels in achivements "Level up your (job name) to Lv xx", they will be marked as cleared by logging in again after changing your job to the corresponding jobs.
※The count for Ocypete, Duroc, Caliente, Dilitherio, Drauga defeats will start after we have added the Achievements.
※There are Achievements that are not displayed unless certain conditions are met.