[7/2 18:00 Update] Notice for maintenance [End]


[7/2 18:00 (JST)Update]
The maintenance we have started at 14:00, was completed at 18:00 (JST)
Maintenance Details
・Changing the names of Item below
GerumiCandyDaggerGerumi Lollipop Dagger
HeartCandyDaggerMarble Heart Dagger
GerumiCandyStaffGerumi Lollipop Rod
BlueRoseCandyStaffBlue Rose Rod
HeartCandyStaffMarble Heart Rod
SugarSweetRabbitSweet Rabbit Sugar
SugarWhiteRabbitWhite Rabbit Sugar
SugarDarkRabbitDark Rabbit Sugar
SugarPrairieRabbitPrairie Rabbit Sugar
BlueberryRabbitCakePlatePrairie Rabbit Cake Plate
ChapeaudePatisserieMChapeau de Pâtissier M
ChapeaudePatisserieBChapeau de Pâtissier B
ChapeaudePatisserieNChapeau de Pâtissier N
ChapeaudePatisserieVChapeau de Pâtissier V
GerarddePatisserieMGilet de Pâtissier M
GerarddePatisserieBGilet de Pâtissier B
GerarddePatisserieNGilet de Pâtissier N
GerarddePatisserieVGilet de Pâtissier V
BrulédePatissierMBraies de Pâtissier M
BrulédePatisserieBBraies de Pâtissier B
BrulédePatisserieNBraies de Pâtissier N
BrulédePatisserieVBraies de Pâtissier V
KagamiRiceCakes(forNewYear)Kagami Mochi [Dog]
KadomatsuDecorationPine Tree Decoration
GarlandofFlowersRound Flower Accessory
NewYear'sGiftofMoneyNew Year's Allowance
KagamiRiceCakeEarringsKagami Mochi Earrings
Arusu-kunDollAls Doll
SleepyArusu-kunSleepy Als
Marine-SunsetSwordMarine Sword [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightSwordMarine Sword [Daylight]
Marine-NightSwordMarine Sword [Night]
Marine-SunriseSwordMarine Sword [Sunrise]
Marine-SunsetBladeMarine Blade [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightBladeMarine Blade [Daylight]
Marine-NightBladeMarine Blade [Night]
Marine-SunriseBladeMarine Blade [Sunrise]
Marine-SunsetTomahawkMarine Hatchet [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightTomahawkMarine Hatchet [Daylight]
Marine-NightTomahawkMarine Hatchet [Night]
Marine-SunriseTomahawkMarine Hatchet [Sunrise]
Marine-SunsetAxMarine Axe [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightAxMarine Axe [Daylight]
Marine-NightAxMarine Axe [Night]
Marine-SunriseAxMarine Axe [Sunrise]
Marine-SunsetSpearMarine Spear [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightSpearMarine Spear [Daylight]
Marine-NightSpearMarine Spear [Night]
Marine-SunriseSpearMarine Spear [Sunrise]
Marine-SunsetKnifeMarine Knife [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightKnifeMarine Knife [Daylight]
Marine-NightKnifeMarine Knife [Night]
Marine-SunriseKnifeMarine Knife [Sunrise]
Marine-SunsetRodMarine Rod [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightRodMarine Rod [Daylight]
Marine-NightRodMarine Rod [Night]
Marine-SunriseRodMarine Rod [Sunrise]
Marine Bow SunsetMarine Bow [Sunset]
Marine Bow DaylightMarine Bow [Daylight]
Marine Bow NightMarine Bow [Night]
Marine Bow SunriseMarine Bow [Sunrise]
Marine-SunsetFistsMarine Fists [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightFistsMarine Fists [Daylight]
Marine-NightFistsMarine Fists [Night]
Marine-SunriseFistsMarine Fists [Sunrise]
Marine-SunsetGuardMarine Shield [Sunset]
Marine-DaylightGuardMarine Shield [Daylight]
Marine-NightGuardMarine Shield [Night]
Marine-SunriseGuardMarine Shield [Sunrise]
Arumandine RapierAlmandine Rapier
Arumandine BladeAlmandine Blade
Arumandine HammerAlmandine Hammer
Arumandine BreakerAlmandine Breaker
Arumandine SpearAlmandine Spear
Arumandine EdgeAlmandine Edge
Arumandine RodAlmandine Rod
Arumandine ClawsAlmandine Claws
Arumandine ShieldAlmandine Shield

This is Alchemia Story Team.

We will perform a maintenace with the details below.

Scheduled date (JST)
2020/7/2 (Thu) 14:00 - 18:00
※Please note that the time of the maintenance will be different from usual.

Maintenance Details
・Shop Updates
[End of Sales]
High Grande Gacha
Good Fashion Gacha
Light Armor Gacha
Grand Avatar Set Gacha

・Added new achievements
※"Change your job" achievements are cleared when you change to the corresponding job.
※If you have already reached the levels in achivements "Level up your (job name) to Lv xx", they will be marked as cleared by logging in again after changing your job to the corresponding jobs.
・Added new titles

Fixed issues
・Some small adjustments and corrections

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

*Please note that items and EXP gained right before the maintenance starts may disappear.
*Please make sure to log out before the maintenance starts.