Come Back, Friends! Campaign Starts!


Get great items! "Come Back, Friends! Campaign" Starts!

The new "Call" feature allows players to send notifications or mails to other players' accounts.
(Mails are sent to those who have registered an Asobimo account.)

Get great items and go on an adventure with your friends!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/11/11 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2020/12/9 (Wed) 13:59

Campaign Conditions
[Return Reward Target Players]
・Accounts that haven't logged in over 30 days

[Mail Reward Target Players]
・Players that called their friends that meet the condition above.

※Both players will get a reward.

How to call your friends

① Go to MENU > Interact > Call

②Select the friend(s) you want to call from the Friend List.
※You can select multiple friends.
※The Call List displays only the characters who you follow and who follow you back, and haven't logged in for over 30 days.

③ Press the Call button and select "Yes" in the confirmation message to complete the Call.

Mail Reward Details
・Enhanced Sword-R5 x3 /1 person

Friend Reward Details
Rewards based on the total number of players who return during the campaign!
・Over 1 people:PotatoBox×3
・Over 5 people:URWeaponLottoTicket×1、URArmorLottoTicket×1
・Over 10 people:Aurora Potato×3
・Over 15 people:Gems×500
・Over 30 people:Burst Box×1
・Over 50 people:Lv8Corebox×1

Return Reward Details
After you receive a call, log in to the game and you'll get a reward!
・Welcome Back Lotto Tix×3(※)
・Aurora Potato×10
・EXP Potato×20
・Hunting Potato×20
・Golden Potato×20
・Gold Ingot×10

※You can purchase any of the 3 types of Welcome Lottos.
Welcome Back [Weapon] Lotto
Welcome Back [Armor] Lotto
Welcome Back [Accessory] Lotto

Bonus Distribution
・[Mail Reward]: After the campaign has finished
・[Friend Reward]: After the campaign has finished
・[Return Reward]: Right after logging in to the game (You can receive it even after the campaign period.)
※If we have a similar campaign in the future, you will not receive the reward.

※We may stop or change the contents of this campaign without notice.
※It takes a certain amount of time for your friend to get the Call.
※If the same player gets multiple calls from many players, all calls will be combined into a single notification.
※The friend who you Call may not receive the notification depending on his/her circumstances.
※You cannot Call the same character (friend) more than once during the campaign period.