Limited Event "Battle Colosseum Festival~Part 2~" Starts!


Limited Event "Battle Colosseum Festival~Part 2~" Starts!

The Republic of Marlo is busy with the festival.
Lyla, who's in charge of the preparations, is still not satisfied and plans to add some extra events.
But she had no idea what was about to come.
Something is going on behind the scenes...

Why is someone trying to sabotage the festival?
What will Lyla do?

You will know at the Colosseum!

Listen to Lyla's wishes and make the extra events a success!

※Check here for more details about how to play "Battle Colosseum Festival~Pt 1~"!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/6/24 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2020/7/8 (Wed) before maintenance.

Raid Boss "Greedy Ork"

Raid Boss "Greedy Ork" will randomly appear when players are in each "Battle Colosseum Festival maps.
※Raid Boss will appear only in the Multi-channel.
※Greedy Ork will appear at the following times in the Hell level map.
Times of appearance(JST)

Since raid boss has large HP, remaining HP from each battles will be shared among same ch, and maximum of 50 players can join the battle at the same time.

Requirements to win
You win when Raid Boss's HP becomes 0 within the period!
Cooperate with other parties abd defeat the Raid Boss!

The Raid Boss will disappear after a certain amount of time has passed since its appearance regardless of defeating it or not.
The battle with the Raid Boss will end if the time runs out while fighting.

Random reward
Once the Raid Boss has been defeated, the participating players, who meet certain requirements are able to get a reward.
The higher the Raid Boss difficulty level, the more and better items you may get.
Fire Enhance Sword-R5
Water Enhance Sword-R5
Earth Enhance Sword-R5
Wind Enhance Sword-R5
Pleasure Box A
Core Box--
Drill Box---
Orb for each Element-
Weapon Box A----
Build Up Material Box----

How to get Rewards
You can receive the rewards and check Raid Boss battle history from YOME menu > Others > Raid Reward.
You will be able to check the above after logging out and in again after the battle.
The reward will be sent to your bag after pressing the "Get Reward" button on the Raid Reward screen.

Trade items(Birijia)【NEW!】
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Mamono Defeat Tix×300Bronze Fork×1【NEW!】Infinite
Mamono Defeat Tix×400Magical Spirit Suit×1【NEW!】Infinite
Mamono Defeat Tix×1500Core Box×1【NEW!】5
Mamono Defeat Tix×2000Tincture×1【NEW!】3
Mamono Defeat Tix×2000Drill Box×1【NEW!】4
Mamono Defeat Tix×1500Build Up Material Box×1【NEW!】2
Mamono Defeat Tix×2500Ether Liquid×1【NEW!】3
Mamono Defeat Tix×1500Alchemy Box×1【NEW!】5
Mamono Defeat Tix×500Rainbow Orb×5【NEW!】20
Mamono Defeat Tix×50Luxury Carpet×1【NEW!】Infinite
Mamono Defeat Tix×100Wooden Low Table×1【NEW!】Infinite
Mamono Defeat Tix×20Hanging Flowers×1【NEW!】Infinite
Mamono Defeat Tix×200Luxury Sofa×1【NEW!】Infinite
Mamono Defeat Tix×1500Core Box×15
Mamono Defeat Tix×6000Lv3Corebox×11
Mamono Defeat Tix×2000Tincture×15
Mamono Defeat Tix×100Pleasure Box A×5Infinite
Mamono Defeat Tix×100Weapon Box A×11
Mamono Defeat Tix×800Weapon Box A×11
Mamono Defeat Tix×1500Weapon Box A×11
Mamono Defeat Tix×2000Drill Box×15
Mamono Defeat Tix×10Orbofnone(S)×5200
Mamono Defeat Tix×10Orbofnone(M)×5200
Mamono Defeat Tix×20Orbofnone(L)×3100
Mamono Defeat Tix×10WaterOrb(S)×5200
Mamono Defeat Tix×10WaterOrb(M)×5200
Mamono Defeat Tix×20WaterOrb(L)×3100
Mamono Defeat Tix×500Rainbow Orb×520

About Lavi's Lottery Shop
You can use your "Mamono Defeat Tix " at the Lottery Shop to draw lottery and win various items.
※See more details here!

Added Fishing and Treasure Hunt Rewards!【NEW!】
Part 2 of the event has new rewards for Fishing and Treasure Hunt!
Find more about [Fishing] here
Find more about Treasure Hunt here

Event Panel Mission is here!
You can get rewards by clearing missions related to the event quest.
During the event, tap the icon on the left of your screen to display the missions.

Event limited item


※The event period is subject to change without notice.