【5/15 Update】New Event "Mamono Wars~Part 1~" Starts!


New Limited Event "Mamono Wars~Part 1~" Starts!

"Our State is now invaded by an army of Mamonos we have never seen before"
These were the shocking words from Andol who had called Explorers for help.
The State is responding with their full force, but the battlefield is in a deadlock because there isn't enough power to keep up with the number of the unknown army of Mamonos.
Therefore, they decided to request Explorers for help.

Can the Explorers defeat the Mamono army of the Other Wordl?

Help Andol and get event limited items!

【5/15 Update】
We have confirmed an issue where unavailable event items are displayed in the Market.

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/5/13 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2020/6/10 (Wed) before maintenance.

How to Participate
① Let's join the Event from NAVI!
The event starts when accepting "Mamono Wars" and selecting "Move" in the Navi!

1.Open "Navi" from the Menu on the left.
2. Accept "Mamono Wars" from Event tab.
3. Select "Move" to start the story and move to the event map "Military Base vs the Other World".
※Please note that you have to clear "Main quest Ch.14 The two maids" to join this event.

② Let's collect event items!
How to collect event items

You can get "Underworld Steel Sword" by winning battles against certain Mamono in the following event maps.


Battlefield: Common SoldiersSamuraimi
Battlefield: Foot SoldiersSamuraimi
Battlefield: Group LeadersSamuraimi
Battlefield: CommandersSamuraimi
Battlefield: GeneralsSamuraimi

How to collect event items”Samurai Pole Sword"

You can get "Samurai Pole Sword" by winning battles against certain Mamono in the following event maps.
※You need "Underworld Steel Swords" to challenge "Benkei".


vs Benkei: Foot SoldiersBenkei
vs Benkei: Group LeadersBenkei
vs Benkei: CommandersBenkei
vs Benkei: GeneralsBenkei
vs Benkei: Common SoldiersBenkei

③ Progress the event and you will be able to trade the items you collected with other great items!
Trade items(Andol)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Underworld Steel Sword×50Carp Streamer Head BL×1Infinite
Underworld Steel Sword×150Carp Streamer Costume BL×1Infinite
Underworld Steel Sword×200Topknot×1Infinite
Underworld Steel Sword×10Bait for Shachihoko×1Infinite
Samurai Pole Sword×250Fallen Samurai Long Sword×1Infinite
Samurai Pole Sword×400Samurai Mask×1Infinite
Underworld Steel Sword×450Carpstreamer×1Infinite
Underworld Steel Sword×300Big Fishing Flag×1Infinite
Underworld Steel Sword×500Hunggyo×1Infinite
Golden Shachihoko×20Scarletcarpstreamer×1Infinite
Silver Shachihoko×25Truecarpstreamer×1Infinite
Bronze Shachihoko×30Childcarpstreamer×1Infinite
Underworld Steel Sword×3000
Samurai Pole Sword×400
Underworld Steel Sword×2000Tincture×13
Samurai Pole Sword×300Tincture×13
Underworld Steel Sword×100Pleasure Box A×5Infinite
Samurai Pole Sword×50Pleasure Box A×5Infinite
Samurai Pole Sword×100Weapon Box A×11
Samurai Pole Sword×300Weapon Box A×11
Samurai Pole Sword×800Weapon Box A×11
Underworld Steel Sword×600Drill Box×15
Underworld Steel Sword×3WindOrb(S)×5200
Underworld Steel Sword×7WindOrb(M)×5200
Underworld Steel Sword×10WindOrb(L)×3100
Underworld Steel Sword×3Orbofnone(S)×5200
Underworld Steel Sword×7Orbofnone(M)×5200
Underworld Steel Sword×10Orbofnone(L)×3100
Underworld Steel Sword×50Rainbow Orb×520
Underworld Steel Sword×600
Samurai Pole Sword×100
Model: Other World Castle×1Infinite

You can fish the event limited ?? at the 2 Fishing Spots in the event map "Military Base vs the Other World".
Get the limited fishing bait at Andol's Exchange. Let's challenge!

Event Panel Mission is here!
You can get rewards by clearing missions related to the event quest.
During the event, tap the icon on the left of your screen to display the missions.

event Item


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