Limited event "Egg's Mystery~Part 2~" Starts!


Limited event "Egg's Mystery~Part 2~" Starts!

Explorers overcame the mysteries and missions blocking their way, and are now going deeper in the Ancient Ruins...
And finally Richard discovers a hidden passage...

《Wise ones. This is the last trial. Show me your power》
The voice of the Lord echoes deep in the passage.
Can Explorers successfully clear the trial!?

Pass the trial and get great rewards!

Egg's Mystery~Part 1~ Event here

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/4/22 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2020/5/13 (Wed) before maintenance.

How to Participate
① Let's join the Event from NAVI!
Accept "Egg's Mystery" from the Navi and select "Move" to start the event!


1.Open "Navi" from the Menu on the left.
2. "Accept" "Egg's Mystery" from the "Event" tab.
3. Select "Move" to start the story.
※Please note that you have to clear "Main quest Ch.14 The two maids" to join this event.

②Defeat Area Boss "King zombie" and collect items!
Talk to King Zombie in the map to challenge him.
※To challenge "King Zombie" you will need "Ghost Soul" that you can get by defeating Zombie Ork.

③Get items from the event map Mamonos and "King Zombie" and trade them for various prizes!

Trade items(Richard)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Royal Treasure×30Golden Crown×1Infinite
Royal Treasure×40Royal Sword×1Infinite
Ghost Soul×1000Big Egg×1Infinite
Ghost Soul×800
Stolen Coin×500
Bandage Mummy Head×1Infinite
Ghost Soul×800
Stolen Coin×500
Bandage Mummy Body×1Infinite
Ghost Soul×800
Stolen Coin×500
Bandage Mummy Legging×1Infinite
Stolen Coin×1000Staff of Six Realms×1Infinite
Stolen Coin×800Ghost’s Head Scarf×1Infinite
Stolen Coin×800Exorcism Amulet×1Infinite
Ghost Soul×1000Scarlet Crown×1Infinite
Ghost Soul×800White Crown×1Infinite
Royal Treasure×300
Stolen Coin×2000
Ghost Soul×2000
Master Drill Box×11
Ghost Soul×500
Stolen Coin×500
Drill Box×14
Ghost Soul×800
Stolen Coin×800
Build Up Material Box×12
Royal Treasure×10Pleasure Box A×5Infinite
Royal Treasure×100Tincture×13
Stolen Coin×100Rainbow Orb×520
Royal Treasure×50Throne of the Spirit World×1Infinite
Stolen Coin×50Red Carpet:×3Infinite
Stolen Coin×50Red Carpet: Long×3Infinite
Stolen Coin×50Red Carpet: Short×3Infinite
Ghost Soul×50Red Carpet:×3Infinite
Ghost Soul×50Red Carpet: Long×3Infinite
Ghost Soul×50Red Carpet: Short×3Infinite
Ghost Soul×30WaterofLife×2Tradeable once a day
Ghost Soul×30SilverWater×2Tradeable once a day
Ghost Soul×30GoldWater×2Tradeable once a day
Ghost Soul×30MoonWater×2Tradeable once a day
Ghost Soul×30StarWater×2Tradeable once a day
Stolen Coin×100Core Box×1Tradeable once a day
Stolen Coin×40Furniture Box×1Tradeable once a day
Stolen Coin×60Present Box×1Tradeable once a day

[Event Panel Mission is here!]
You can get rewards by clearing missions related to the event quest.
During the event, tap the icon on the left of your screen to display the missions.

event Item


※There may be changes in even session without notice.
※There is no mini map for this event's map.