Mamono-chan Miracle Set

What is "Mamono-chan Miracle Set"?

You can get 1、000 Gems (720 Paid Gems + 280 Unpaid Gems) if you purchase it now!!

Additionalyl、 for 20 days、 you can get Gacha tix and Gems everyday!!
You can get total up to 3、000 Gems (720 Paid Gems + 2280 Unpaid Gems)!!

Also、 on the 20th day、 you can get "UR guaranteed Gears Gacha Tix"!!

This will be reasonable set!!

1st day720 Paid Gems + 280 Unpaid Gems
2nd day100 Unpaid Gems
3rd dayWeaponGachaTix
4th day100 Unpaid Gems
5th day500 Unpaid Gems
6th day200 Unpaid Gems
7th day100 Unpaid Gems
8th dayArmorGachaTix
9th day100 Unpaid Gems
10th dayOver-SRArmorGachaTix
11th day200 Unpaid Gems
12th day100 Unpaid Gems
13th dayWeaponGachaTix
14th day100 Unpaid Gems
15th dayOver-SRWeaponGachaTix
16th day300 Unpaid Gems
17th day100 Unpaid Gems
18th dayEXPPotato
19th day100 Unpaid Gems
20th dayURArmorGachaTicket!


After purchasing、 you can get bonuses everday、 just by logging-in to Alchemia Story.
During bonus period、 you can also receive bonuses continuously even there are days you haven't logged-in.
(Ex. If you didn't log-in on 3rd day and logged-in 4th day、 you will receive bonus for 3rd day on the 4th day.
*You will need to receive Miracle Set within 30 days after purchase. Miracle Set will become invalid when it is unreceived after 30 days.
*"Mamono-chan's Miracle Set" will only be valid with the purchased platform.
*When changing platform after purchasing "Mamono-chan's Miracle Set、" you will be able to receive the reward by going back to the original platform.