"Comeback Campaign" now starts!


This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We will be holding Comeback Campaign.
For this campaign, we are giving away useful items according to the number of days you haven't logged in.
Take this opportunity for those users who haven't logged in for a while to login again!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/11/11 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2020/11/25 (Wed) 13:59

How to get
As you login the game during the campaign, items will be delivered in to the present box.

Comeback Campaign Gift Details
Elapsed daysDetails
Over 60 days
from last login.
・Lv100URWeapon Lotto ×1
・URWeaponLottoTicket x5
・URArmorLottoTicket x5
・Mix Style Lotto Ticket x5
・NPC Lotto Ticket BOX x3
・Luxuryexperiencepotato x3
・EXPPotato x6
・AreaBossTicket x10
・Aurora Potato x5
・SR Stylish Ticket x3
From 30 days to 59 day
from last login.
・URWeaponLottoTicket x2
・URArmorLottoTicket x2
・Mix Style Lotto Ticket x2
・NPC Lotto Ticket BOX x2
・Luxuryexperiencepotato x2
・EXPPotato x3
・AreaBossTicket x5
・Aurora Potato x3
・SR Stylish Ticket x2
From 15 days to 29 day
from last login.
・URWeaponLottoTicket x1
・URArmorLottoTicket x1
・Mix Style Lotto Ticket x1
・NPC Lotto Ticket BOX x1
・Luxuryexperiencepotato x1
・EXPPotato x2
・AreaBossTicket x3
・Aurora Potato x2
・SR Stylish Ticket x1
From 0 days to 14 day
from last login.
・Luxuryexperiencepotato x1
・EXPPotato x1
・AreaBossTicket x1
・Aurora Potato x1

*Comeback Campaign will be calculating according to the number of days from last login day to the start of this campaign.
*The days not logged-in during the campaign will not be added.