New Event "I'm grateful to have you~Part 2~" Starts!


New Limited Event "I'm grateful to have you~Part 2~" Starts!

With the help of Explorer, Shinsha succeeds in making sweets faster that Mamono-chan eats them.
Mamono-chan can usually eat endlessly, but now she actually seemed to be full. And that's when a mysterious Mamono suddenly appeared and ate the finished sweets...

You start craving for sweets right when someone snatches them away from you, right?
Looks like Mamono-chan is ready to eat again and starts a battle with the mysterious Mamono over sweets!?
Will you manage to prepare the delicious sweets safely?

Let's help Shinsha and get event limited items!

I'm grateful to have you~Part 1~ Event here

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/3/25 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2020/4/8 (Wed) before maintenance.

How to Participate
① Let's join the Event from NAVI!
The event starts when accepting "I'm grateful to have you" and selecting "Move" in the Navi!

1.Open "Navi" from the Menu on the left.
2. Accept "I'm grateful to have you" from Event tab.
3. Select "Move" to start the story and move to the event map "Confectionery:Entrance".
※Please note that you have to clear "Main quest Ch.14 The two maids" to join this event.

② Defeat Mamono and find the cause of the uproar!
You need a Mini Decoy Cake to fight with Area Boss!
Let's exchange "White Cream" and "Mini Decoy Cake" in Shinsha's exchange!
Defeat White Chocomi and it will drop "White Syrup"!


③ Defeat Area Boss "White Fairy" and collect items!
※You will need a "Mini Decoy Cake" to fight with "White Fairy".
※You can enter the fight from the matching area in the event map "VS White Fairy".

④ Get items from Mamono and White Fairy in the event map, and trade them with various prizes!

Trade items(Shinsha)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
White Syrup×2【NEW!】Mini Decoy Cake×1Infinite
White Cream×100【NEW!】Fav Heart Chocolate×1Infinite
White Cream×40【NEW!】Whipped Cream×1Infinite
White Cream×100【NEW!】GerumiCandy(Large)×1Infinite
White Cream×100【NEW!】BlueRoseCandy(Large)×1Infinite
White Cream×100【NEW!】HeartCandy(Large)×1Infinite
White Cream×8【NEW!】Core Box×110
White Cream×20
Star Candy×1
White Cream×20
Star Candy×3
White Cream×3【NEW!】Weapon Box A×11
White Cream×50
Star Candy×1
【NEW!】Weapon Box A×11
White Cream×120
Star Candy×3
【NEW!】Weapon Box A×11
Star Candy×1【NEW!】AreaBossTicket×110
White Cream×3【NEW!】Pleasure Box A×1Infinite
White Cream×3【NEW!】Macaron: Green×1Infinite
White Cream×3【NEW!】Macaron: Pink×1Infinite
White Cream×3【NEW!】Macaron: Purple×1Infinite
White Cream×3【NEW!】Macaron: Blue & Brown×1Infinite
White Syrup×20【NEW!】Striped Block: Pink×5Infinite
White Syrup×20【NEW!】Striped Block: Blue×5Infinite
White Syrup×6Chocolate Chip Cookie×2Infinite
White Syrup×6Cupcake×2Infinite
Star Candy×1Drop×2Infinite
Star Candy×1Gummy Candy×2Infinite
White Syrup×2000Chef×1Infinite
White Syrup×200Gerumi Cookie×1Infinite
White Syrup×400Mamono-chan Cookie×1Infinite
White Syrup×400
Star Candy×10
Chaos Mix Rod×1Infinite
Star Candy×5Chaos Bowl×1Infinite
White Syrup×1500Oven Gloves×1Infinite
Star Candy×30Emotion: Candy×11
White Syrup×300Rainbow Orb×1200
White Syrup×200Core Box×110
White Syrup×500
Star Candy×3
White Syrup×500
Star Candy×1
Drill Box×110
White Syrup×3EarthOrb(S)×2050
White Syrup×3EarthOrb(M)×1030
White Syrup×3EarthOrb(L)×510
White Syrup×10Double Bed: White×1Infinite
White Syrup×10Canopy: Red×1Infinite
Star Candy×1Canopy: Blue×1Infinite

[Event Panel Mission is here!]
You can get rewards by clearing missions related to the event quest.
During the event, tap the icon on the left of your screen to display the missions.

event Item


※There may be changes in even session without notice.