Limited-time-only! Single Payment Campaign now open!


This is the Alchemia Story Operation Team.
We will hold Payment Bonus Campaign in which bonus Unpaid Gems will be doubly granted if we make specified payment on during the campaign!!
Purchase the following during the campaign period and...
Get double Unpaid Gems once for each set purchase!
Get Soul Stones from all set purchases!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/9/16 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2020/9/22 (Tue) 23:59

Payment Grant Campaign
When you purchase following settlement during the period, Gems will double for every one-time payment!

9800 Gems purchased: +5400 Unpaid Gems Bonus(2700×2)+Soul Stone ×14
4800 Gems purchased: +2000 Unpaid Gems Bonus(1000×2)+Soul Stone ×6
3000 Gems purchased: +1000 Unpaid Gems Bonus(500×2)+Soul Stone ×3
1400 Gems purchased: +200 Unpaid Gems Bonus(100×2)+Soul Stone ×1

About Soul Stones
You can trade the Soul Stones you collect at Liz's Mystic Shop and choose the items you like from the line-up.
※You are able to trade after the campaign period too.

line-up list
Tradeable ItemsRequired Soul Stones
Core Box×5Soul Stone×1
NPC Lotto Ticket BOX×1Soul Stone×25
NPC Avatar Box F×1Soul Stone×40
Slotdrill:R×1Soul Stone×2
Slotdrill:B×1Soul Stone×2
Slotdrill:Y×1Soul Stone×2
Slotdrill:G×1Soul Stone×2
Masterslotdrill:R×1Soul Stone×20
Masterslotdrill:B×1Soul Stone×20
Masterslotdrill:Y×1Soul Stone×20
Masterslotdrill:G×1Soul Stone×20
ATK Up Core:R Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
MATK Up Core:R Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
DEF Up Core:B Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
MDEF Up Core:B Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
HP Up Core:Y Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
DL Up Core:Y Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Fire Attack Core Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Water Attack Core Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Earth Attack Core Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Wind Attack Core Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Fire Defense Core Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Water Defense Core Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Earth Defense Core Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Wind Defense Core Lv10×1Soul Stone×100
Limit Breakthrough 1HSword×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthrough 2HSword×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthough Dagger×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthrough 1H Axe×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthrough 2H Axe×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthrough 2HSpear×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthrough Rod×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthrough Bow×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthrough Fight×1Soul Stone×80
Limit Breakthrough Shield×1Soul Stone×80
Limit breakthrough Head×1Soul Stone×80
Limit breakthrough Top×1Soul Stone×80
Limit breakthrough Bottoms×1Soul Stone×80
Gold Ingot×10Soul Stone×1
Beauty Room (Player)×1Soul Stone×10
Beauty Room (YOME)×1Soul Stone×4
Luxuryexperiencepotato×1Soul Stone×3
Luxuryhuntingpotato×1Soul Stone×3
Luxurygoldpotato×1Soul Stone×3
Ousia Sword=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Sword=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Sword=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Sword=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Sword=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Blade=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Blade=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Blade=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Hawk=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Hawk=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Hawk=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Hawk=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Axe=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Axe=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Axe=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Axe=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Spear=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Spear=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Spear=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Spear=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Knife=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Knife=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Knife=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Knife=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Rod=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Rod=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Rod=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Rod=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Bow=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Bow=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Bow=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Bow=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Knuckle=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Knuckle=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Knuckle=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Knuckle=A×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Guard=F×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Guard=I×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Guard=E×1Soul Stone×70
Ousia Guard=A×1Soul Stone×70

※Please note that you can get the "Double Unpaid Gems" only for the first purchase of each set. If you buy the same set (set with same price) multiple times, you will not get the double bonus Gems.
※During this session, it will only be given at the first time.
 You will not given with additional bonuses after buying it second time.
※Additional bonus materials are given after the payment.
 ┗Purchasing 1400 Gems and 3000 Gems
 ┗Receiving item: +1200 Unpaid Gems