Where to get materials for Akashic Weapons? (Rarity N→R)
Necessary materials to evolve Akashic Weapons of each Job (Rarity N→R)
Job nameNecessary items
BerserkerSharp Metal Piece×50
Moonlight FencerSharp Metal Piece×50
WizardStrong Piece of Wood×50
PriestStrong Piece of Wood×50
Planetary MageStrong Piece of Wood×50
MageSharp Mineral Piece×50
PaladinSharp Metal Piece×50
AssassinSharp Mineral Piece×50
HighfighterSharp Mineral Piece×50
EngineerSharp Metal Piece×50
HeroSharp Metal Piece×50
Lancer CavalrySharp Mineral Piece×50
HunterStrong Piece of Wood×50

Drop Areas
You may get the materials by winning battles in the following areas.
Your Job must match the Evolution Quest Job and you must equip the matching Akashic Weapon in any of the following spots to get the material drops.
・Your character's main equipment
・Your character's sub equipment
・Your character's avatar

Bottomless Coalmine
Monster Lake
Valley of the Wind
Fire Cave 4F