October 9 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our October 9th update!

・Added New content: "Dowsing"
・Added New content: "Treasure Hunt"

About Dowsing
Dowsing is a special collecting method when you have "Pendulum Stone" while riding on a Mount.
By Dowsing you are able to get items and low rate Treasure Maps for Treasure Hunt.

How to get Pendulum Stone
Synthesize "Iron Ore x3" and "Gemstone x5" based on the Pendulum Stone recipe,
which you can get as a reward from quest "Dowsing and Treasure Hunt".

If you have Pendulum Stone on the specific map and move on a Mount, you may see " ! " marks.
After the mark appears, tap the " ! " icon within a certain time and you can do "Dowsing".

※1 Pendulum Stone will be consumed by Dowsing.
※You are not able to do Dowsing if there's no space in your Bag.
※After Dowsing, if you wish to do Dowsing again, you must move on the Map after a certain period of time.
※The Maps of the grades you already have cannot be found by Dowsing.
※Treasure Map grades are different depending on the map.

Dowsing Maps
Himalayas and Grass fieldAlong borderline(State)Mountains, seas and beaches
Along borderline(Duchy)Wide range plainFruiting Peninsula
Road to GodIn Front of Coal MineMonster Lake
Outside Tower3-country Borderline

Get Rare Items
The higher the level of your Mount. the higher chances you have to get items by Dowsing.

About Treasure Hunt
Use a Treasure Map obtained by Dowsing and find Treasures hidden on the Map.
From rare Treasure Maps you can find Treasure Boxes with rare items.

How to Get a Treasure Map
You can get Treasure Maps by Dowsing.

Treasure Map Grades
There are grades for the Treasure Maps.
The higher grade Treasure Map, the higher chances you have to get "valuable items" from Treasure Boxes.

How to Use Treasure Maps
Use "Treasure Map" from Items to display the name of the area and picture of the map showing the location of the treasure.

You are able to check the used Maps as many times as you want from the Item list.
※You will lose the currently open Treasure Map if you use another Treasure Map before you have found the treasure.

You can find a Treasure Box by searching the location shown on the Map.
Get Treasures in exchange for a Treasure Map.

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