Make Your Original Hairstyle! New Update on August 14!


We're announcing the contents of our Aug 14th update!

・Adding a hairstyle change function to Beauty Room

Create your hairstyle! Now more customizable!
With the hairstyle change function that uses Beauty Room, you can now set the following three parts: “Bangs”, “Back Hair”, and “Extra Hair”.
With this new feature, you will be able to create different hairstyles infinitely!
You will be able to create your original hairstyle.


Introducing the new feature!
We have added the following feature when using the Beauty function

Added "Bangs", "Back Hair" and "Extra Hair" on the hairstyle selection of Beauty feature.
※You can freely combine the "Bangs", ""Back Hair" and "Extra Hair".
※There will be 14 different types of "Bangs" and "Back Hair", and 5 different types of "Extra Hair" for both male and female.
※You can set ponytail and pigtails with Extra Hair.
※You can set the color and shape for each part.

How to use Beauty feature?
The Beauty feature can be used by using the item "Beauty Room"
or by subscribing the monthly course "Stylish Beauty Set".
Use Beauty feature with the item "Beauty Room"
You are able to purchase "Beauty Room" at the Shop.

After purhcasing the Beauty Room, please use it from Menu > Item > Expend.

Use Beauty feature with the monthly course "Stylish Beauty Set"
You are able to subscribe the monthly course at the Shop.

How to access the Shop: Shop button on the top of the game screen or menu(≡)on the left > Shop.
Tap "Gem Shop" on the bottom right of the Shop screen and choose Monthly course.
Tap "Stylish Beauty Set" course on the list of monthly courses to purchase.