"Ponytail vs Pigtails Showdown!" Results Are Here!


"Ponytail vs Pigtails Showdown!" Results Are Here!

Thank you for voting for Ponytail vs Pigtails Showdown!!
And the winner is "Ponytail"!

The voting period for "Ponytail vs Pigtails Showdown" has ended on August 28, 23:59 (JST).
Thank you for voting!

We will announce the results on "Bemmochan" scheduled for the first week of September 2019.
Stay tuned for the results!

Ponytail vs Pigtails Showdown! Mid-Results!

[Currently winning!]




Currelntly [Ponytail is winning!]
Will Pigtails catch up during the second half!?

Rough draft of the winning reward!


All players will get an accessory to match the winning hairstyle!
Don't miss the final results!

To celebrate the implementation of the "New Hairstyle System" we will hold a voting type event "Ponytail vs Pigtails Showdown!!"!

Newly added "Extra Hair" on the Beauty Room
includes two hairstyles "Ponytail" and "Pigtails".
"1 tail" or "2 tails"
The more the better? The more the stronger?

Which one do you Explorers prefer?

A battle starts!

Even you guys who may think "I don’t know"...please join anyways!

①Which one do you like? Vote!
Which do you prefer? Ponytail or Pigtails?
Vote for the hairstyle you like.

Voting results...
All players will receive an accessory that matches the winning hairstyle!

How to vote?
Get "Ponytail/Pigtails Vote"
"Ponytail/Pigtails Vote" will be distributed from August 15 (Thu) 0:00 (JST) when logging in.
You can find the "Ponytail/Pigtails Vote" from your Present Box.

"Ponytail/Pigtails Vote" Distribution Period
 [First Half]
「Ponytail/Pigtails Vote ×1 BeautyRoom(Player) ×1 BeautyRoom(YOME) ×1
  2019/8/15 (Thu) 0:00 ~ 2019/8/21 (Wed) 23:59(JST)
 [Second Half]
「Ponytail/Pigtails Vote ×1」
  2019/8/22 (Thu) 0:00 ~ 2019/8/28 (Wed) 23:59(JST)

During the event period, NPC "Pony" and "Piggie" will appear in Duchy of Schlinger to assist you in voting.

Talk to the NPC for voting and
in exchange for "Ponytail/Pigtails Vote" you can trade it with "Flag (accessory)" of the party (Ponytail or Pigtails) you want to vote.
 ・Pony ⇒ trade with "Ponytail Flag" .
 ・Piggie ⇒ trade with "Pigtails Flag".
When exchanging your ticket with the "Flag (accessory" of the party you wish to vote, that party will get your vote.

Ponytail FlagPigtails Flag


Pigtails Flag

One "Ponytail/Pigtails Vote" will be distributed once in both "First Half" and "Second Half", which means that you can vote two times.
※"Ponytail Flag" and "Pigtails Flag" can be obtained after the event.

Voting Period (Flag exchange period)
 [First Half]
  2019/8/15 (Thu) 0:00 ~ 2019/8/21 (Wed) 23:59(JST)
 [Second Half]
  2019/8/22 (Thu) 0:00 ~ 2019/8/28 (Wed) 23:59(JST)

Vote Results!
 The results will be announced on "Bimochan broadcast" scheduled for the first week of September 2019.

We will make a midterm annoucement of the [First Half] on August 22 (Thursday).
We will also release a draft of the accessories to fit the winning hairstyle! Don’t miss it!

Distribution period for the accessory to fit the winning hairstyle
2019/9/12 (Thu) 0:00 ~ 2019/9/19 (Thu) 23:59(JST)