Notice for App Version1.0.49
This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We have released Alchemia Story App Version1.0.49.
Please update the game from Store.

※There may be time required for updating the app according to the Environment being set up.

Corresponding Details
・Add "Mount" category to "Menu" > "Item" > "Tool" 's filter.
・Made changes so that footstep SE plays when riding a walking type Mount.
・Made it possible to check the appearance when selecting Mount release items in Liz's Mystical Shop.

・Fixes in the Friend function
 ┗When you add another Player as a friend, that state will be called "Follow", and when another Player adds you, this will be called "Follower".
   There will be total 3 states "Follow", "Follower" and "Friends".
  Until now Players who added you as a friend weren't displayed in your Friend list, but now they will be displayed as "Followers".

※You can follow up to 200 people.
※There's no limit on Followers.
※The number on the top right of the Friend list does not include the number of Followers.
・Fixes in Target menu
 ┗Changes in UI when selecting others as target.

・Adding a Contact list feature
 ┗Up to 50 Players who have participated in the same battle, have sent you "Like" etc. are saved in "Contact list", where you can add them as Friends.

※If the list exceeds 50, the Players will be deleted from the oldest in order.
※Conditions to be added to Contact list
 ┗Make a Party
 ┗Participate in a same Battle
 ┗Matching in One-time Party
 ┗"Like" or get "Like"

・Adding a Block feature
 ┗You can add up to 100 Players to the Block list.
  Chats from blocked Players will not be displayed, and you will not receive requests, such as trades.

※If you block a Friend, both yours and the Friend's follow statuses will be deleted.
※Blocked Players will not disappear from the fields and battles, regardless of being blocked.

Recoveries from malfunction
・Other recoveries from small malfunctions