[12/20 19:30 Update] Maintenance Notice [End]


The following items will be distributed as an apology for the extended maintenance.

・50 Gems

Receiving period
Start: 2023/12/21 0:00
End: 2023/12/28 23:59

As you log-in within the above period, you will be able to retrieve it through present box.

We apologize for any inconvenience way may have caused.

[12/20 19:30 Update]
This is Alchemia Story Team.
The maintenance we have started at 13:00, was completed at 19:30 (JST)

Changes in system
・Changed the following item names
Japanese RoomTatami Mat
Japanese RoomJapanese Room Wall
Japanese RoomJapanese Room Ceiling
Dark Wood WallDark Wood Ceiling
BK Stone CeilingBlack Stone Ceiling
Landscape morningBG Morning
Landscape EveningBG Evening
Landscape nightBG Night
Landscape CloudyBG Cloudy
Mysterious SkyBG Mysterious Sky
BG SpaceBG Space
Distant SeaBG Undersea

This is Alchemia Story Team.

We will perform a maintenace with the details below.

Scheduled date (JST)
2023/12/20 (Wed) 13:00 - 18:00 Undecided[17:10 (JST)Update]
*Please note that the time of the maintenance will be different from usual.
Maintenance Details
◆Shop Updates
[End of Sales]
 ┗ Potato Sale
 ┗ Expansion items are now on time-sale
 ┗ Couple Driving -Gain- Ⅴ Gacha
 ┗ Area Boss Pack [Vulkan]
 ┗ Gothic Cat Gacha
 ┗ Marionette of the Gods Gacha
 ┗ 6th Anniversary Packs
 ┗ 6th Anniversary campaign Gacha

◆Added Bond Hideout function
◆Added new quests
◆Added new Area Boss

◆Event Update
 ┗New Year's Troublemaker~Part 1~
 ┗ Spirit Wars (Water Spirit)

Fixed issues
・Some small adjustments and corrections

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

*Please note that items and EXP gained right before the maintenance starts may disappear.
*Please make sure to log out before the maintenance starts.