Including weapons with special effects on Area Boss[Vulkan] "Area Boss Pack" Now Available!
"Area Boss Pack" is here! Get weapons with special effects on Area Bosses!
Don't miss this chance!

*Special effect weapon to the area boss has an effect to raise upper cap of damage towards target enemy as it has Limit Breaker.

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2024/5/1 (Wed) 15:00
End: 2024/5/8 (Wed) 13:59

Here are the products!
 PVulkan P
Available 1 per person
Lv140 Sp Box Vulkan1Tough Medicine8
Area Boss Ticket100Elemental Attack Medicine8
Revival Medicine30Resistance Medicine8
Brave Medicine8Surpassing Medicine8

Check the featured items!
Lv140 Sp Box Vulkan(Tap Here)

If you use "Lv140 Sp Box Vulkan", you can get 1 of the following.
*This equipment increases the attack power and damage limit when fighting the target Area Boss.
1H SwordFireSkofnung F
1H SwordWaterSkofnung I
1H SwordEarthSkofnung E
1H SwordWindSkofnung A
2H SwordFireBalmung F
2H SwordWaterBalmung I
2H SwordEarthBalmung E
2H SwordWindBalmung A
1H AxeFireMjölnir F
1H AxeWaterMjölnir I
1H AxeEarthMjölnir E
1H AxeWindMjölnir A
2H AxeFireForseti’s Axe F
2H AxeWaterForseti’s Axe I
2H AxeEarthForseti’s Axe E
2H AxeWindForseti’s Axe A
SpearFireGungnir F
SpearWaterGungnir I
SpearEarthGungnir E
SpearWindGungnir A
DaggerFireRidill F
DaggerWaterRidill I
DaggerEarthRidill E
DaggerWindRidill A
StaffFireGambanteinn F
StaffWaterGambanteinn I
StaffEarthGambanteinn E
StaffWindGambanteinn A
BowFireUllr’s Bow F
BowWaterUllr’s Bow I
BowEarthUllr’s Bow E
BowWindUllr’s Bow A
KnucklesFireJárngreipr F
KnucklesWaterJárngreipr I
KnucklesEarthJárngreipr E
KnucklesWindJárngreipr A

Where can I buy these items?
Items are sold at "Shop"!
How to Access the Shop: Tap the Shop button at the top of the game screen,
or Tap "≡" on the left-side of the game screen > select "Shop" > tap "Shop" on the bottom-right.

*Items purchased from the Shop will be sent directly to the Item page. They will not appear in the Present Box.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*Limited time only items may be sold again after the sales period ends.
*Once an item is sold out, sales for this store update will end.
Items may be sold again as limited time only items, limited quantity items, or items without time or quantity limitations.