June 16 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our June 16th update!

・Added new Main Quests
・Opened Tower of Time to Basement 9F

Added new Main Quests
The truth about the world, the secret of YOME, and the true identity of Fendark are finally revealed...
Explorers entrusted with a grave mission struggle to collect the three sacred treasures and get caught up in another incident...

3 new Main Quest chapters about the three sacred treasures added!
Will the explorers be able to find all the three sacred treasures...?

*The quest added this time will not be functioned this time.
Scheduled to add voices to be played in the later update.
Event scenes will be added in to the album when quest is cleared. After the voices are added and checked the album, you will be able to see it with the voice.

Tower of Time Basement 7F to 9F now open!
Tower of Time Basement is the floor to search by co-oping with up to 8 people.
With this update, we have opened floors 7-9 where you can meet powerful Mamono.


How to get Rewards
When you defeat the enemies on the floor(7~9F), you can get the amount of "Time Skip Coins (Stem)" and "Magic Coin [Gold]" set in each floors.
You can receive "Time Skip Coins (Stem)" only once per week on each floor, "Magic Coin [Gold]" whenever you win.

About "Time Skip Coins (Stem)"
You can trade for an item with "Time Skip Coins (Stem)" at Tower of Time 1F's Mystery Merchant.
There will be 1 week limit for trading.
The condition of receiving "Time Skip Coins (Stem)" and item trading will be resetted every Mondays at 0:00.
*Received "Time Skip Coins (Stem)" will not be deleted when trading condition is reset.

About "Magic Coin [Gold]"
You can get "Magic Coin [Gold]" when clearing the Basement floor.

※Find details about the Tower of Time Basement here!