Tower of Time Basement


We have added "Tower of Time Basement" from the Maintenance on February 20, 2019 (Wed)!


Tower of Time Basement
Tower of Time Basement is the floor to search by co-oping with up to 8 people.
*YOME will not be joining the battle in the Tower's Basement.
The Basement floors will be more opened with future updates.



How to go to the Tower Basement


After clearing "Ch.46" of Main Quest, you can go to the Basement floor from Tower of Time 1F.

How to get Rewards
When you defeat the enemies on the floor, you can get the amount of "Time Skip Coins (Birth)" and "Magic Coins [Bronze]" set in each floors.
You can receive "Time Skip Coins (Birth)" only once per week on each floor, "Magic Coins [Bronze]" whenever you win.

About "Time Skip Coins (Birth)"
You can trade for an item with "Time Skip Coins (Birth)" at Tower of Time 1F's Mystery Merchant.
There will be 1 week limit for trading.
The condition of receiving "Time Skip Coins (Birth)" and item trading will be resetted every Mondays at 0:00.
*Received "Time Skip Coins (Birth)" will not be deleted when trading condition is reset.

About "Magic Coin [Bronze]"
You can get "Magic Coin [Bronze]" when clearing the Basement floor.
You will need "Magic Coin [Bronze]" to create the strong UR weapons "Ousia" series.

Collect materials from using "Magic Coin [Bronze]" at Liz's Mystical Shop, and bring it over to Sumina at Enhancement Center, to create "Ousia" series!