Unicorn Praetoriani Lotto now available!


"Unicorn Praetoriani Lotto" which includes "Unicorn Accolade" series weapon will be now available!

1 UR will be confirmed for 11 spins!
For those who still don't have UR weapon and wants them, take this opportunity to get one!


1 spinGems: 500
11 spins
1 UR confirmed!
Gems: 5,000

Weapon line-up list

Rarity:UR ★★★★(Offering Rate:50%)
Rarity:SR ★★★(Offering Rate:20%)
Rarity:R ★★(Offering Rate:30%)

Slot information

"Red Slot"
"Blue Slot"
"Yellow Slot"

Rarity:UR ★★★★

1-handed SwordFireNight Face Sword
1-handed SwordWaterNight franc kiss Sword
1-handed SwordEarthNight honesty Sword
1-handed SwordWindNight professional Wes Sword
2-handed SwordFireNight Face Blade
2-handed SwordWaterNight franc kiss Blade
2-handed SwordEarthNight honesty Blade
2-handed SwordWindNight professional Wes Blade
1-handed AxeFireNight Face Hawk
1-handed AxeWaterNight franc kiss Hawk
1-handed AxeEarthNight honesty Hawk
1-handed AxeWindNight professional Wes Hawk
2-handed AxeFireNight Face Ax
2-handed AxeWaterNight franc kiss Ax
2-handed AxeEarthNight honesty Ax
2-handed AxeWindNight professional Wes Ax
2-handed SpearFireNight Face Spear
2-handed SpearWaterNight franc kiss Spear
2-handed SpearEarthNight honesty Spear
2-handed SpearWindNight professional Wes Spear
DaggerFireNight Face Dagger
DaggerWaterNight franc kiss Dagger
DaggerEarthNight honesty Dagger
DaggerWindNight professional Wes Dagger
StaffFireNight Face rod
StaffWaterNight franc kiss the rod
StaffEarthNight honesty rod
StaffWindNight professional Wes rod
BowFireNight face bow
BowWaterNight franc kiss Bow
BowEarthNight honesty Bow
BowWindNight professional Wes Bow
KnucklesFireNight Face Fist
KnucklesWaterNight franc kiss Fist
KnucklesEarthNight honesty Fist
KnucklesWindNight professional Wes Fist
ShieldFireNight Face shield
ShieldWaterKnight franc kiss shield
ShieldEarthKnight honesty shield
ShieldWindNight professional Wes shield

Rarity:SR ★★★
1-handed SwordFireArumandine Rapier
2-handed SwordFireLarge Arumandine Blade
1-handed AxeFireArumandine Hammer
2-handed AxeFireArumandine Breaker
2-handed SpearFireArumandine Spear
DaggerFireArumandine Edge
StaffFireArumandine Rod
BowFireAlmandine Bow
KnucklesFireArumandine Claws
ShieldFireArumandine Shield
1-handed SwordWaterTurquoise Rapier
2-handed SwordWaterLarge Turquoise Blade
1-handed AxeWaterTurquoise Hammer
2-handed AxeWaterTurquoise Breaker
2-handed SpearWaterTurquoise Spear
DaggerWaterTurquoise Edge
StaffWaterTurquoise Rod
BowWaterTurquoise Bow
KnucklesWaterTurquoise Claws
ShieldWaterTurquoise Shield
1-handed SwordEarthHeliodor Rapier
2-handed SwordEarthLarge Heliodor Blade
1-handed AxeEarthHeliodor Hammer
2-handed AxeEarthHeliodor Breaker
2-handed SpearEarthHeliodor Spear
DaggerEarthHeliodor Edge
StaffEarthHeliodor Rod
BowEarthHelio Doll Bow
KnucklesEarthHeliodor Claws
ShieldEarthHeliodor Shield
1-handed SwordWindJade Rapier
2-handed SwordWindLarge Jade Blade
1-handed AxeWindJade Hammer
2-handed AxeWindJade Breaker
2-handed SpearWindJade Spear
DaggerWindJade Edge
StaffWindJade Rod
KnucklesWindJade Claws
ShieldWindJade Shield

Rarity:R  ★★
1-handed SwordFireIvy Sword of Solomon
2-handed SwordFireLarge Ivy Blade of Solomon
1-handed AxeFireIvy Tomahawk of Solomon
2-handed AxeFireIvy Ax of Solomon
2-handed SpearFireIvy Spear of Solomon
DaggerFireIvy Knife of Solomon
StaffFireIvy Rod of Solomon
BowFireAi Byi Bow Zara Man
KnucklesFireIvy Claws of Solomon
ShieldFireIvy Shield of Solomon
1-handed SwordWaterIvy Sword of Deena
2-handed SwordWaterLarge Ivy Blade of Deena
1-handed AxeWaterIvy Tomahawk of Deena
2-handed AxeWaterIvy Ax of Deena
2-handed SpearWaterIvy Spear of Deena
DaggerWaterIvy Knife of Deena
StaffWaterIvy Rod of Deena
BowWaterAi Byi Bow Dee Ne
KnucklesWaterIvy Claws of Deena
ShieldWaterIvy Shield of Deena
1-handed SwordEarthIvy Sword of Nooma
2-handed SwordEarthLarge Ivy Blade of Nooma
1-handed AxeEarthIvy Tomahawk of Nooma
2-handed AxeEarthIvy Ax of Nooma
2-handed SpearEarthIvy Spear of Nooma
DaggerEarthIvy Knife of Nooma
StaffEarthIvy Rod of Nooma
BowEarthAi Byi Bow Norma
KnucklesEarthIvy Claws of Nooma
ShieldEarthIvy Shield of Nooma
1-handed SwordWindIvy Sword of Slyphy
2-handed SwordWindLarge Ivy Blade of Slyphy
1-handed AxeWindIvy Tomahawk of Slyphy
2-handed AxeWindIvy Ax of Slyphy
2-handed SpearWindIvy Spear of Slyphy
DaggerWindIvy Knife of Slyphy
StaffWindIvy Rod of Slyphy
BowWindAi Byi Bow Sylphy
KnucklesWindIvy Claws of Slyphy
ShieldWindIvy Shield of Slyphy
1-handed SwordFireHeat Steel Sword
2-handed SwordFireLarge Heat Steel Blade
1-handed AxeFireHeat Steel Hammer
2-handed AxeFireHeat Steel Ax
2-handed SpearFireHeat Steel Spear
DaggerFireHeat Steel Dagger
StaffFireHeat Steel Rod
BowFireHeat steel Bow
KnucklesFireHeat Steel Nails
ShieldFireHeat Steel Shield
1-handed SwordWaterFrosted Steel Sword
2-handed SwordWaterLarge Frosted Steel Blade
1-handed AxeWaterFrosted Steel Hammer
2-handed AxeWaterFrosted Steel Ax
2-handed SpearWaterFrosted Steel Spear
DaggerWaterFrosted Steel Dagger
StaffWaterFrosted Steel Rod
BowWaterFrost steel Bow
KnucklesWaterFrosted Steel Nails
ShieldWaterFrosted Steel Shield
1-handed SwordEarthSolid Steel Sword
2-handed SwordEarthLarge Solid Steel Blade
1-handed AxeEarthSolid Steel Hammer
2-handed AxeEarthSolid Steel Ax
2-handed SpearEarthSolid Steel Spear
DaggerEarthSolid Steel Dagger
StaffEarthSolid Steel Rod
BowEarthSolid steel Bow
KnucklesEarthSolid Steel Nails
ShieldEarthSolid Steel Shield
1-handed SwordWindLightweight Steel Sword
2-handed SwordWindLarge Lightweight Steel Blade
1-handed AxeWindLightweight Steel Hammer
2-handed AxeWindLightweight Steel Ax
2-handed SpearWindLightweight Steel Spear
DaggerWindLightweight Steel Dagger
StaffWindLightweight Steel Rod
BowWindAiry steel Bow
KnucklesWindLightweight Steel Nails
ShieldWindLightweight Steel Shield


※You can receive your winning items from present box.
※There may be overlaps of same items won as well.
※Rare item is UR ★★★★.
※Offering rate will differ according to different items.
※There may be time for resell of limite-time-items, after the session.
※The picture appearing may differ according to the combination of equipment and system.