Get 5 UR items!! "2nd Release Anniversary [Avatar] Lotto" Starts!


"2nd Release Anniversary [Avatar] Lotto" to celebrate our 2nd anniversary comes with 5 UR items!

Don’t miss this chance!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/5/29 (Fri) 15:00
End: 2020/6/5 (Fri) 14:59

Available 1 per person

Featured items!


※SR Accessory will not be included.
Dark Magic School

Female only
UR Dark Magic School Hat
Parts: Head

Male only
Element: Soil+50

Female only
UR Dark Magic School Coat
Parts: Top

Male only
Element: Soil+50

Female only
UR Dark Magic School Bottom
Parts: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Soil+50

Deathly Water Costume

※SR Accessory will not be included.
Deathly Water

For both male/female
UR Deathly Water Hood
Parts: Head
Element: Water+50

Female only
UR Deathly Water Costume
Parts: Top

Male only
Element: Water+50

Female only
UR Deathly Water Bottoms
Parts: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Water+50


※SR Accessory will not be included.
Red Raven

Female only
UR Red Raven Mask
Parts: Head

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Red Raven Shirt
Parts: Top

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Red Raven Bottoms
Parts: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Fire+50


※SR Accessory will not be included.
Heavenly Dance S

For both male/female
UR Heavenly Dance Accessory S
Parts: Head
Element: Water+50

Female only
UR Heavenly Dance Robe S
Parts: Top

Male only
Element: Water+50

Female only
UR Heavenly Dance Bottom S
Parts: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Water+50

Offering Rate
UR ★★★★ :100%
UR line-up list(Tap Here)

Types ElementNameProbability
HeadFireCrimson Magic School Hat0.556%
HeadWaterTuning Magic School Hat0.556%
HeadSoilDark Magic School Hat0.556%
HeadWindCloudy Magic School Hat0.556%
TopFireCrimson Magic School Coat0.556%
TopWaterTuning Magic School Coat0.556%
TopSoilDark Magic School Coat0.556%
TopWindCloudy Magic School Coat0.556%
BottomsFireCrimson Magic School Bottom0.556%
BottomsWaterTuning Magic School Bottom0.556%
BottomsSoilDark Magic School Bottom0.556%
BottomsWindCloudy Magic School Bottom0.556%
HeadFireDeathly Fire Hood0.556%
HeadWaterDeathly Water Hood0.556%
HeadSoilDeathly Earth Hood0.556%
HeadWindDeathly Wind Hood0.556%
TopFireDeathly Fire Costume0.556%
TopWaterDeathly Water Costume0.556%
TopSoilDeathly Earth Costume0.556%
TopWindDeathly Wind Costume0.556%
BottomsFireDeathly Fire Bottoms0.556%
BottomsWaterDeathly Water Bottoms0.556%
BottomsSoilDeathly Earth Bottoms0.556%
BottomsWindDeathly Wind Bottoms0.556%
HeadFireJunior Explorer Hat P0.556%
HeadWaterJunior Explorer Hat B0.556%
HeadSoilJunior Explorer Hat O0.556%
HeadWindJunior Explorer Hat G0.556%
TopFireJunior Explorer Shirt P0.556%
TopWaterJunior Explorer Shirt B0.556%
TopSoilJunior Explorer Shirt O0.556%
TopWindJunior Explorer Shirt G0.556%
BottomsFireJunior Explorer Pants P0.556%
BottomsWaterJunior Explorer Pants B0.556%
BottomsSoilJunior Explorer Pants O0.556%
BottomsWindJunior Explorer Pants G0.556%
HeadFireRed Raven Mask0.556%
HeadWaterBlue Raven Mask0.556%
HeadSoilBlack Raven Mask0.556%
HeadWindWhite Raven Mask0.556%
TopFireRed Raven Shirt0.556%
TopWaterBlue Raven Shirt0.556%
TopSoilBlack Raven Shirt0.556%
TopWindWhite Raven Shirt0.556%
BottomsFireRed Raven Bottoms0.556%
BottomsWaterBlue Raven Bottoms0.556%
BottomsSoilBlack Raven Bottoms0.556%
BottomsWindWhite Raven Bottoms0.556%
HeadFireLight Crown F0.556%
HeadWaterLight Crown W0.556%
HeadSoilLight Crown D0.556%
HeadWindLight Crown S0.556%
TopFireLight Armor F0.556%
TopWaterLight Armor W0.556%
TopSoilLight Armor D0.556%
TopWindLight Armor S0.556%
BottomsFireLight Greaves F0.556%
BottomsWaterLight Greaves W0.556%
BottomsSoilLight Greaves D0.556%
BottomsWindLight Greaves S0.556%
HeadFireMinion Knight Hat Fire0.556%
HeadWaterMinion Knight Hat Water0.556%
HeadSoilMinion Knight Hat Earth0.556%
HeadWindMinion Knight Hat Wind0.556%
TopFireMinion Knight Top Fire0.556%
TopWaterMinion Knight Top Water0.556%
TopSoilMinion Knight Top Earth0.556%
TopWindMinion Knight Top Wind0.556%
BottomsFireMinion Knight Bottom Fire0.556%
BottomsWaterMinion Knight Bottom Water0.556%
BottomsSoilMinion Knight Bottom Earth0.556%
BottomsWindMinion Knight Bottom Wind0.556%
HeadFireInfantry Division Cap0.556%
HeadWaterAirborne Division Cap0.556%
HeadSoilTank Division Cap0.556%
HeadWindArtillery Division Cap0.556%
TopFireInfantry Division Uniform0.556%
TopWaterAirborne Division Uniform0.556%
TopSoilTank Division Uniform0.556%
TopWindArtillery Division Uniform0.556%
BottomsFireInfantry Division Boots0.556%
BottomsWaterAirborne Division Boots0.556%
BottomsSoilTank Division Boots0.556%
BottomsWindArtillery Division Boots0.556%
HeadFireFire Angel Hair Accessory0.556%
HeadWaterWater Angel Hair Accessory0.556%
HeadSoilEarth Angel Hair Accessory0.556%
HeadWindWind Angel Hair Accessory0.556%
TopFireFire Angel Robe0.556%
TopWaterWater Angel Robe0.556%
TopSoilEarth Angel Robe0.556%
TopWindWind Angel Robe0.556%
BottomsFireFire Angel Shoes0.556%
BottomsWaterWater Angel Shoes0.556%
BottomsSoilEarth Angel Shoes0.556%
BottomsWindWind Angel Shoes0.556%
HeadFireHeavenly Dance Accessory R0.556%
HeadWaterHeavenly Dance Accessory S0.556%
HeadSoilHeavenly Dance Accessory T0.556%
HeadWindHeavenly Dance Accessory E0.556%
TopFireHeavenly Dance Robe R0.556%
TopWaterHeavenly Dance Robe S0.556%
TopSoilHeavenly Dance Robe T0.556%
TopWindHeavenly Dance Robe E0.556%
BottomsFireHeavenly Dance Bottom R0.556%
BottomsWaterHeavenly Dance Bottom S0.556%
BottomsSoilHeavenly Dance Bottom T0.556%
BottomsWindHeavenly Dance Bottom E0.556%
HeadFireServant Hair Accessory S0.556%
HeadWaterServant Hair Accessory A0.556%
HeadSoilServant Hair Accessory C0.556%
HeadWindServant Hair Accessory F0.556%
TopFireServant Upper Garment S0.556%
TopWaterServant Upper Garment A0.556%
TopSoilServant Upper Garment C0.556%
TopWindServant Upper Garment F0.556%
BottomsFireServant Lower Garment S0.556%
BottomsWaterServant Lower Garment A0.556%
BottomsSoilServant Lower Garment C0.556%
BottomsWindServant Lower Garment F0.556%
HeadFireSnow Tiara R0.556%
HeadWaterSnow Tiara C0.556%
HeadSoilSnow Tiara A0.556%
HeadWindSnow Tiara E0.556%
TopFireSnow Gown R0.556%
TopWaterSnow Gown C0.556%
TopSoilSnow Gown A0.556%
TopWindSnow Gown E0.556%
BottomsFireSnow Boots R0.556%
BottomsWaterSnow Boots C0.556%
BottomsSoilSnow Boots A0.556%
BottomsWindSnow Boots E0.556%
HeadFireAmaterasu Mirror Diadem0.556%
HeadWaterSusanoo Mirror Diadem0.556%
HeadSoilTsukuyomi Mirror Diadem0.556%
HeadWindSakuya-Hime Mirror Diadem0.556%
TopFireAmaterasu Top0.556%
TopWaterSusanoo Top0.556%
TopSoilTsukuyomi Top0.556%
TopWindSakuya-Hime Top0.556%
BottomsFireAmaterasu Bottoms0.556%
BottomsWaterSusanoo Bottoms0.556%
BottomsSoilTsukuyomi Bottoms0.556%
BottomsWindSakuya-Hime Bottoms0.556%
HeadFireHarbinger Clip Fire0.556%
HeadWaterHarbinger Clip Water0.556%
HeadSoilHarbinger Clip Earth0.556%
HeadWindHarbinger Clip Wind0.556%
TopFireHarbinger Top Fire0.556%
TopWaterHarbinger Top Water0.556%
TopSoilHarbinger Top Earth0.556%
TopWindHarbinger Top Wind0.556%
BottomsFireHarbinger Greaves Fire0.556%
BottomsWaterHarbinger Greaves Water0.556%
BottomsSoilHarbinger Greaves Earth0.556%
BottomsWindHarbinger Greaves Wind0.556%
HeadFireHoly X Cap0.556%
HeadWaterSnow X Cap0.556%
HeadSoilHot X Cap0.556%
HeadWindForest X Cap0.556%
TopFireHoly X Cardigan0.556%
TopWaterSnow X Cardigan0.556%
TopSoilHot X Cardigan0.556%
TopWindForest X Cardigan0.556%
BottomsFireHoly X Leggins0.556%
BottomsWaterSnow X Leggins0.556%
BottomsSoilHot X Leggins0.556%
BottomsWindForest X Leggins0.556%
HeadFireParty☆Star Ribbon0.556%
HeadWaterDance☆Star Ribbon0.556%
HeadSoilPop☆Star Ribbon0.556%
HeadWindBeat☆Star Ribbon0.556%
TopFireParty☆Star Top0.556%
TopWaterDance☆Star Top0.556%
TopSoilPop☆Star Top0.556%
TopWindBeat☆Star Top0.556%
BottomsFireParty☆Star Boots0.556%
BottomsWaterDance☆Star Boots0.556%
BottomsSoilPop☆Star Boots0.556%
BottomsWindBeat☆Star Boots0.556%

*Items won from the Lotto can be received from the Present Box.
*There may be overlaps of same items won as well.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*There may be changes in even session without notice.
*There may be time for resell of limite-time-items, after the session.
*The picture appearing may differ according to the combination of equipment and system.