[Important] Notice of Revised Terms of Use
Thank you for playing Alchemia Story.
We have revised our Terms of Use on July 24th, 2019.
[Summary of the Revision]
Article 2.1 Gems
┗ Included information about Paid Gems and Unpaid Gems.

[New Terms of Use]
2.1. The Gems
2.1.5. Members possessing both the Paid and Unpaid Gems, the Unpaid Gems will be consumed before the Paid Gems. Each Gem will be consumed in the order from the oldest time and date acquired.

[Old Terms of Use]
2.1. The Gems
2.1.5. The Gems are consumed in order from the oldest date and time of obtaining. The Gem purchase bonus Unpaid Gems are granted after the Paid Gems.