July 17 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our July 17th update!

・Implementing Mount feature
・Add new content to Casino "Grevy Amgen" :"Numbers"

What is Mount?
Mount means a creature or item that Player and YOME can ride and use to move.
There are Mamonos like Nussy and Harpy, as well as items such as Macaron and Carpet.


You will be able to connect with the soul of the Mounts, call them freely by using special items, and allowing you to explore together with them.
(Even if the Mount is not a living creature, you will be able to connect with the soul inside it. There's also a theory that the ancient Alchemists said the non-living creatures are inhabited by a spirit. They also called the non-living Mounts Golem or Homunculus.)

Many Mounts grow and become stronger with Explorers. Also, they are strong and can help on the journey in other ways besides just traveling.


When Player equips and rides a Mount, you can benefit from passive skills improving your status and increasing your speed.
Equip Mount for battles to gain experience, raise its LV and learn Passive Skills.
Get Mount to gain more power!

What is Mounts? here!


What is Numbers?
It's a number type Lotto that you can purchase by choosing any 4 numbers you like.
Talk to Lil Rabber at the Casino map "Grevy Amgen" and every week you can buy up to 3 Lotto tickets in exchange for Casino Medals.

The Winning numbers are announced every Sturday at 20:00 (JST).
If the numbers you selected matches the winning numbers,
you can earn up to 10 million Casino Medals depending on the amount of the matching numbers.
Even if you don't win, you will get more Medals than you purchased as a payback!
Don't miss this great Lotto!

Join Numbers every week and get amazing Casino prizes!
What is Numbers? here!

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