Invading Yuamis!


We will hold "Invading Yuamis!" event for a limited period to celebrate the opening of the new "Onsen" map!
Defeat "Raid Boss" in the Onsen to get material for Phantom Weapons or other valuable items!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2019/3/13 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2019/4/3 (Wed) before maintenance.

※You can move to the limited event "Invading Yuamis!" after clearing the following Main and Sub Quests.
・Main Quest "Ch.19"
・Sub Quests
┗The Battle Master
 ┗The Master's advice
  ┗The Master's praise
   ┗The Master's sympathy
    ┗The Master's encouragement
     ┗A sacred place
      ┗Relaxing Enhancement Center [NEW!]
After clearing the quests above, you will be able to move to the event map from the Event tab on Navi menu.
1. Open "Navi" from the menu on the left of the screen.
2. Go to "Event" tab and select "Invading Yuamis!".
3. Select "Transfer" to move to the event map "E.Center:Onsen:Counter".

How to Participate



Raid Boss "Yuami"
Raid Boss "Yuami" will randomly appear in each difficulty level of the "Enhancement Center: Onsen" areas.
Since raid boss has large HP, remaining HP from each battles will be shared among same ch, and maximum of 50 players can join the battle at the same time.

Requirements to win
When raid boss' HP is 0 within the time!
Co-op with other parties and defeat the raid boss!

Also, raid boss will disappear after 30 minutes despite of defeat is successful or not.
When time runs out during the battle with raid boss, battle already participating will be terminated forcefully.

Battle reward
You will get a battle reward in addition to the drop items when defeating Raid Boss within the time limit.

Participation reward
Players joining the battle will get a reward.

Random reward
Once the Raid Boss has been defeated, the participating players, who meet certain requirements are able to get a reward.
The higher the Raid Boss difficulty level, the more and better items you may get.

How to get Rewards
Go to YOME menu > Others > "Raid reward" to receive your reward or check the Raid Boss battles.
You will be able to check once you ended defeat and logged out, and log-in again.
Rewards will be added to Gift Box, when tapping "Receive" in Raid Rewards display.

Sumina Trade items
Item Trade itemsNumber of times to trade
Onsen rocks×3000Upgrade Lotto Tix×110
Onsen rocks×100PleasureBoxA×110
Onsen rocks×1000PleasureBoxA×1Infinite
Onsen rocks×1000MaterialA×2010
Onsen rocks×2000MaterialA×10Infinite
Onsen rocks×100IronOre×1010
Onsen rocks×200IronOre×5Infinite
Onsen rocks×1500AreaBossTicket×310
Onsen rocks×2000WeaponBoxA×15
Onsen rocks×5000Emotion "Yumomi"×11



[Event achievements]


Achievements for a limited period! ※ You cannot receive Achievement rewards after the event period.

※There may be changes in even session without notice.
※Raid Boss appears at specific intervals from the last appearance.
※Maximum 8 characters will be on display during battle.