Search for true? love!


We will be holding limited-time event "Search for true? love!"
Valentine's coming up, and "Chocola" is getting all hyped
What could be the new strategy to make the love come true?!
Get those event-limited avatar by making everyone's love come true for Valentine's Day!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2019/2/13 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2019/3/6 (Wed) before maintenance.
*Added episode will be open after the maintenace on February 20 (Wed).

During the event, after clearing "Ch.14: Two Maids," when you move to event map Chocoa Collect: Reception, event story will start.

1.Open "Navi" on the left of display.
2. Accept "Search for true? love!" from Event tab.
3. Select "Move" to move to "event map Chocoa Collect: Reception".
*Please use the "Navi" to move to map when you are going to event map again after progressing quest.



Raid Boss "Putt"
Raid Boss "Putt" will randomly appear at specific time for each difficulties in map "Chocomi Breeding."
Since raid boss has large HP, remaining HP from each battles will be shared among same ch, and maximum of 50 players can join the battle at the same time.
You will be able to get more "Chocoas" than from normal enemies when you defeat it.
Also, Raid Boss will disappear from the field regardless of the success or failure of the suppression after a certain period of time from appearance.

Requirements to win
When raid boss' HP is 0 within the time!
Co-op with other parties and defeat the raid boss!

Also, raid boss will disappear after 30 minutes despite of defeat is successful or not.
When time runs out during the battle with raid boss, battle already participating will be terminated forcefully.

How to get Rewards
You can receive rewards and check raid boss' battle history from Navi menu>Others>Raid Reward.
You will be able to check once you ended defeat and logged out, and log-in again.
Rewards will be added to Gift Box, when tapping "Receive" in Raid Rewards display.

ItemTrade itemsNumber of times to trade
Chocoa×300Chocolate Hair Pin×13
Chocoa×300Chignon Cake Cover×13
Chocoa×300Heart Bolt×13
Chocoa×300Fondue Fork×13
Chocoa×300Lovey Dovey Glasses×13
Chocoa×200Chocolate Bath×110
Chocoa×500Chocolate Fountain×110
Chocoa×50Heart Chair×110
Chocoa×100Heart Table×110

ItemTrade itemsNumber of times to trade
Chocoa×5Neutral Orb (S)×20200
Chocoa×10Neutral Orb (M)×20200
Chocoa×15Neutral Orb (L)×3200
Chocoa×5Fire Orb (S)×2050
Chocoa×10Fire Orb (M)×2050
Chocoa×15Fire Orb (L)×350
Chocoa×5Water Orb (S)×2050
Chocoa×10Water Orb (M)×2050
Chocoa×15Water Orb (L)×350
Chocoa×5Earth Orb (S)×2050
Chocoa×10Earth Orb (M)×2050
Chocoa×15Earth Orb (L)×350
Chocoa×5Wind Orb (S)×2050
Chocoa×10Wind Orb (M)×2050
Chocoa×15Wind Orb (L)×350
Chocoa×250Rainbow Orb×1020
Chocoa×1000Emotion: Valentine×11

event Item


※There may be changes in even session without notice.
※Raid Boss appears at specific intervals from the last appearance.
※Maximum 8 characters will be on display during battle.