Notice for App Version1.0.41
This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We have released Alchemia Story App Version1.0.41.
Please update the game from Store.

※There may be time required for updating the app according to the Environment being set up.

Corresponding Details
・Adjusted the controls of camera when taking photo.
・Adjusted to display currently equipped items on the top when opening Equipment Enhancement Menu.
・Adjusted the UI when switching in the Storage page.
・Change in showing number of completed products owned in Synth display.
・Change in showing number of items owned to exchange in NPC Shop display.
・Change in not showing gears that don't have any slots open in the Core Set display.
・Change in able to save the camera distance after zooming in and out with Field Camera.
・Change in able to widen to show other players during Team VS Battle.

Recoveries from malfunction
・Fixed an issue of remaining time became out of alignment with different players in Team VS Battle.
・Fixed an issue of point gauge becomes transparent color during the Team VS Battle.
・Fixed an issue of not being able to control when battle is over and touched the enemy at the same time during Team VS Battle.
・Fixed an issue of showing exceeding maximum number of joining people in the upper-left hand during the Team VS Battle.
・Fixed an issue of showing a Lv when sub gears that cannot be enhanced are equipped.
・Other recoveries from small malfunctions