Currently Known Issues:About item conversion of Gems that passed 180 days
Thank you for playing Alchemia Story.
In regards to Terms of Use, we have confirmed an issue of Gems purchased and without using after 180 days has not changed in to "Revival Medicine" and still holding the Gems even after 180 days purchased.
In regards to this issue, we will be conducting fix below dates.

2019/2/13 (Wed) maintenance.

Additionally, gems bought before August 17, 2018 (180-days before February 13, 2018 (Wed) maintenance) will all transform in to "Revival Medicine."
Please use gems purchased in that period as soon as possible.

*Purchased gems after 180 days, regardless of Paid or Unpaid, all will be transformed to "Revival Medicine," according to remaining balance.
Please check the page below for more details.
■About item conversion of Gems that passed 180 days

*Gems passed 180 days already changed to an item cannot be recovered in to Gems.