What is the "Dresser" (Clothing Chest) Function?
What is the "Dresser" (Clothing Chest) Function?
The Dresser is a function where you can store gear to be equipped whenever you need it.
By putting your unnecessary gear away, you can open up the space you need in your bag and storage for your journey.
Also, both the player and YOME will be able to use one avatar.

The Dresser can hold weapons, heads, upper garments, lower garments, and accessories of SR or lower, with the exception of some UR items.
Once and item is placed in the Dresser, it is removed from your possession.

Where is the "Dresser"?

The Dresser has been installed in the tavern listed below.
・Duchy Tavern
・State - Tavern
・Republic - Tavern

The chest of drawers in the tavern has been marked as the Dresser.
When you approach it, the option to select "Dresser" should appear.

Put It In the Dresser!

①Select the item you want to store in the Dresser. You can select multiple items at once.

②Whether or not you can store the items will be displayed in the final confirmation screen.

③Double check that the content is correct and confirm.

Equip the Items In Your Dresser!


On the Gear screen, select the Dresser tab to display all the items stored in your Dresser.
When you select and set the items you want to equip, the appearance of the items stored in the Dresser will be applied to the character equipment.

※Items stored in the Dresser will only be displayed when they match the type that is equipped.
Ex) When you store a one-handed sword in the Dresser, but you have a two-handed sword equipped, the one-handed sword will not be displayed as it is a different type of equipment.

※Items stored in the Dresser cannot be restored by our operations team.
Please remember to use the Lock feature on your favorite items before sorting unnecessary items.

※Locked items (locked through the "Lock" function) cannot be stored.
※The Dresser can hold one piece of gear per type and three accessories per type.