"Next Month Lotto"
From your first login on Feb 1st, 2019, we

What do you mean "Next Month Lotto"?
The "Next Month Lotto" is a free Lotto featuring a line-up of items that changes monthly.
The line-up includes UR avatars and more from our all new Lottos!

But how do I get a Lotto Ticket?
A "March NM Lotto Tix" is required to draw from the Next Month Lotto.
Players will receive "March NM Lotto Tix" 1x daily in the Present Box when logging in.

"March NM Lotto Tix" → Delivered in February
"April NM Lotto Tix" → Delivered in March

"March NM Lotto Tix" Delivered in February(JST)
2019/2/1 (Fri) 0:00 ~ 2019/2/28 (Thu) 23:59

"March Next Month Lotto" Availability Period(JST)
2019/3/1 (Fri) 0:00 ~ 2019/3/31 (Sun) 23:59

One "(Month) NM Lotto Tix" is good for 1 draw from the "Next Month Lotto", but by saving 20 tickets to use at one time, you will get 1 UR item.

(※You can only get 1 UR item from drawing with 20 tickets.)

1 draw○ NM Lotto Tickets:1
Get a UR item with 1 draw○ NM Lotto Tickets: 20

※The Next Month Lotto will arrive in the Shop every month.
※You can get 1 ticket for the corresponding Next Month Lotto every day at login during the month before.
※New avatars scheduled to appear in the Next Month Lotto will be announced when they are added to the Lotto (usually the 1st at around 0:00 JST).
※"(Month) NM Lotto Tix" that go unused during their corresponding month will be usable again during their corresponding month the following year.
*Items won from the Lotto can be received from the Present Box.
*There may be overlaps of same items won as well.
*Rare item is UR ★★★★.