Team VS Battle
The new feature Team VS Battle will introduced following maintenance on February 13, 2019 (Wed).

The Team VS Battle is a feature where teams of 15 vs 15 (max 30) players compete to take down monsters or harvest.
Players can get limited rewards depending on the results of the Team VS Battle .
*You can trade "Certificate for Team Battle" to Emotions and Stamps in Liz's Mystical Shop.

①「Hair catalog」②「Accessory」③「Emotion」④「Stamp」

About Team VS Battle
Team VS Battle Duration
・Every Saturday and Sunday 21:00~23:00 (JST)

Team VS Battle Participation Requirements
・Lv30 and above
・Must have cleared Chapter 53 of the main quest

How to Participate in the Team VS Battle


From Menu> One Time Party> select "Team VS Battle ", and request to join.
When the Team VS Battle period begins, there will be a matching period wherein players may request to join through their One Time Party.
When the number of applicants reaches 10, matching will finish, the Team VS Battle room will be created, and players will move to the area.

※There will be a matching period for the 10 min following the creation of the room. You will be able to participate in the Team VS Battle of that room.
※When either the matching period has ended or the 30 player limit has been reached, no more players will be able to join the room.
※When there are no more rooms to join, a new matching session will begin.

Standby time after moving to the area
Please wait until all players are assembled.

Team VS Battle time
The Team VS Battle will begin.
You will fixed to be on Blue Team.
By defeating monsters and harvesting fields, you can add to your team's points.

The team with the most points after time is up will be the winners.

How to Get More Points
・Battle the monsters
┗Points will be added based on the damage dealt to monsters.

In the Team VS Battle, the monsters that appear will become gradually stronger as time passes.
You can go back to the Team VS Battle when defeated by monsters in the battle and revived in the waiting room of the same map.

・Field harvesting
┗As time progresses, harvest points will appear. You can get points by performing actions here.
※Harvest points that have been harvested may revive as time passes.

Receiving Your Rewards
Rewards from the Team VS Battle will be sent to the bag.
When you receive your reward, you will automatically leave the battle field.
※If the connection is disrupted, the reward will be granted when you reconnect within a certain amount of time.

The key to victory in the Team VS Battle!
・Division of roles
Harvest points and monsters will not resurrect themselves until some time has passed.
Firmly decide your roles among the team and earn points as efficiently as possible.

・Fight against powerful monsters
As time passes, the monsters that appear will become more powerful.
The amount of points you are able to earn increases as well, so this is actually a big chance.
Utilize things like elemental attacks to deal even more damage!

※YOME will not participate in Team Battle.
※You will be able to return to the same Team VS Battle again, if you can re-connect within a certain time when network disconnected.
※Please note that in the case of a network disconnection that causes you to leave the battle, you will not be able to receive rewards.
※Players will not be compansated for network disconnections in the Team VS Battle.
※As this is a team battle, please note that intentionally disconnecting or interfering with other players' connections causes trouble to other players. Accounts repeating these acts may be subject to penalty.
*The screen is in development.