November 21 update details!


We have added new story quest and new MAP after the maintenance on November 21!

New story quest

Added new main quest of our protagonists experience in Krishna Kingdom!
What are the obstacles that they face of meeting with the Queen of the Kingdom and monsters' rule of "obeying the strong"…
New NPCs such as "Mamono Researcher" who doubts the belief of strength, is also added.

New MAP "Valley of the Wind"

Dungeon map that leads to Monster Lake.
It is said that there are wind spirits in the deepest part, where full of power of wind, and established its new ecosystem. The road to the deepest part is closed now, and can't go see the wind spirits. It is told that if you are the chosen one, you will be able to go in to the deepest part...


*The main quest added this time will not be functioned this time.
The voice will be added in the later update.

New accessories are now available

Due to adding the new main quest "Krishna Kingdom," new gears are also added.
You can receive recipes through treasure boxes in the quest or fields.


1st Anniversary Login Bonus

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary, we will be holding the luxurious login bonus including new accessories!



1Gerumi shaped balloon x1
2BlockofwoodM x365
Blockofsoil x365
Blockofgrass x365
Blockofstone x365
3Goldbullion x12
4Master Drill Box x1
5NPC Lotto Ticket BOX x1
6Tincture x12
7D Burst Box x1
8Lv10Corebox x1
9Nose Glasses x1
10Alchemy Stone x1130

Dates (JST)
Start: 2018/11/22 (Thu) 0:00
End: 2018/12/12 (Wed) before maintenance.