Details for September 19 Update!!


During our maintenance on 9/19, we added a new story quest and a new map!

New Story Quest Added

Our main scenario picks up again in "Krishna Kingdom"!!
"Krishna Kingdom" is a mamono's kingdom where the Queen of Mamono rules.
The Kingdom doesn't have the diplomatic relations between other 3 nations, and it is dangerous area where humans can't enter.
Queen doesn't show hatred towards humans, but since the other republic or duchy has shown its anti-mamono sentiment, the border is now strictly securitized and limiting to let humans enter.


「Monster Lake」
This is the map of roadway to link 3-country borderline and Krishna Kingdom.
There's no one that go across, so there's only a simple bridge that is made from wooden board. Dangerous to go across and there are mamonos that the Queen is unnoticed of.
There is also a mansion where the mysterious Foreteller lives. She seems to be away most of the time and its difficult to actually see her.

※The new story quest will not feature voices.
In the update over the following days, the voices will be added.

New accessories are now available

You can receive recipes through treasure boxes in the quest or fields.


Releasing the maximum level for YOME

Released maximum level cap from Lv120 to 150 for YOME level.