Limited to the first 10,000 users! Get $5 worth of free ASOBI COIN campaign part 7!
Thank you for playing Alchemia Story.

We're holding a special campaign for ASOBIMO's current project ASOBI COIN and Distributed Secondary Content Platform.

Sign up & do KYC using the following URL code and the first 10,000 people will get 500ABX!

ASOBI COIN Present Campaign URL

Valid until September 10 (Mon) at 11:59 (JST)


ASOBI COIN can be used in ASOBIMO games and is worth double the original prices. (Ex. 500 ABX bought for $5 is equivalent to $10 in games)

We will announce the supporting games in September 2018.

ASOBI COIN can also be used at "ASOBI MARKET", a platform to trade digital content.

Video about ASOBI MARKET

Get the latest ASOBI COIN news at

・This campaign is limited to the first 10,000 people only
・To join and get 500ABX apply only to new users signing up through the special URL
・Please make sure your email allows mails from ""
・If you have any questions about ASOBI COIN, contact us on

Looking forward to your participation!