Announcing the new event "Apple Picking Festival" !


We are holding new event "Apple Picking Festival" in Alchemia Story!
Join the event to collect apples and get event-limited items!

【9/13 12:00 Update】
We have currently confirmed the issues regarding not being able to deliver "Green Apple."
This issue will be solved by talking to Mamono-chan in either of the 2 maps below, and after watching the event scene.

[9/19 18:0 Update] We have completed the recovery for the malfunction.

Event Period (JST)
Start: 2018/9/12(Wed)after maintenance.
End: 2018/10/17(Wed)before maintenance.

"Apple Picking Festival" Event!!
If you clear Main Scenario Chapt 14: The Two Maids, you will be able to move to the event map from Navi.
How to Participate
1. Open "Navi" from the menu on the left side of the screen.
2. From the "Event" tab, find "Watermelon of Love" and select "Accept".
3. Select "Move" to move to "Harvest Fest: Recept".
4. Talk to Mamono-chan in Harvest Fest: Recept, and move to event map.
5. Collect "Green Apples" and "Ripe Apples" and give them to Chocolat, to get various items.


6. You can also trade with Rikuru, and get different types of items.


7. You can trade collected Apples with weapon "Big Sour Apple" with Jam.


About Limited Event Weapons
"Event-limited weapons changes its appearance and rarity as you collect 3 apples and trade with Jam.
As you do this until the end, you can get UR weapon!"

*You will be able to participate in the event after you have cleared Chapter 14: The Two Maids.
*If you return to the event map after progressing in the quest, please use the function for moving to other maps from the Navi.
*You can enter "Large-scale Farm" in the latter half of the event.