Opening Raid Event! "Invading! Homunculus"


After the maintenance on 9/5, raid boss "Homunculus" and map "Maou Castle - Outer Ward" will be added.
Challenge to defeat the enormous enemy by co-oping simultaneously with 50 other players!
*Raid boss only appears in multi channel. It will not appear in other modes or special channels other than multi.

Event Period
Start: 2018/9/5 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2018/9/12 (Wed) before maintenance.

Raid Boss "Homunculus"
You can challenge Raid boss "Homunculus" at map "Maou Castle - Outer Ward's" raid boss appearance place at time of appearance.
Since raid boss has large HP, remaining HP from each battles will be shared among same ch, and maximum of 50 players can join the battle at the same time.

Requirements to win
When raid boss' HP is 0 within the time!
Co-op with other parties and defeat the raid boss!

Also, raid boss will disappear after 30 minutes despite of defeat is successful or not.
When time runs out during the battle with raid boss, battle already participating will be terminated forcefully.


Battle Reward
If you defeat the raid boss within the time limit, you will be able to receive drop items and battle rewards.
Participation Rewards
Players who participated in the battle can get it.

Random Rewards
It will randomly distributed to players who received particiation rewards.

Additional Rewards
The participated player has met certain conditions when the raid boss defeated are able to receive.
Top Total Damage Rewards
It will be distributed to top players for total damage to raid boss in each ch.

Damage status Rewards
It will be distributed to the player who have damaged the raid boss exceededly to certain value.

Last Attack Rewards
It will be distributed to the player who attacked the last hit when the raid boss is defeated.

How to get Rewards
You can receive rewards and check raid boss' battle history from Navi menu>Others>Raid Reward.
You will be able to check once you ended defeat and logged out, and log-in again.
Rewards will be added to Gift Box, when tapping "Receive" in Raid Rewards display.

Raid Boss Schedule
Time of Appearance (JST)

*Raid boss appears every 2 hours from his last appearance.
*Maximum 8 characters will be on display during battle.
*You will not be able to receive additional rewards if you are not participating in raid boss defeat.