Notice for App Version1.0.30
This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We have released Alchemia Story App Version1.0.30.
Please update the game from Store.

※There may be time required for updating the app according to the Environment being set up.

Corresponding Details
・Added the Item Lock feature.
 ┗Settings can be changed from Menu> Item> Gear Item Menu.
  ※UR weapons and armor acquired after maintenance will be set to lock automatically.

・Made changes so that Move button is displayed in the Navi window when the Navi destination can't be moved to by walking.
・Made changes so that number values will be displayed when adjusting settings with the bars in the Beauty Room.
・Made changes so that levels of gear and Cores in the Present Box will be displayed.
・Made changes so that players will be displayed as "Online" in the party member and bond member lists when currently logged in.

Recoveries from malfunction
・Corrected an issue where the character's direction changed when other players changed their gear.
・"Other recoveries from small malfunctions

About Changes to use of the "Tower of Time"
Changes made to the difficulty and use of the "Tower of Time".

Changed the reward system.
Changed the reward system to exchange-type.
For defeating mobs from floors 3 and up, you can get a set amount of "Time Skip Coins" per floor.

About "Time Skip Coins"
You can only be obtained once a week from each floor.
the Time Skip Coins can exchange for items on 2F.
There will be limit to number of times to trade items within a week.
Time Skip Coins' obtained status and item's trade progression will be reset every Monday at 0:00.
※Time Skip Coin that you already have will not be deleted.

Other Changes
・Changed levels.
 ┗Changed the current top floor to 30F.
  ※The progression for the tower will be reset at the first time you enter the tower after Monday.
・Changed for solo play mode.
・Set the Time Skip Coin Exchange NPC on 2F.
・Changed bosses of 10F, 20F, and 30F.
・Adjusted the parameters of monsters on 3F through 29F.