New job added! August 22 update details!


Here are the details from update in maintenance August 22!

・New Rank 2 added
・New event start
・Added advanced mode for area boss
・Green slot added
・Added blueprint function for housing

New Rank 2 job "Priest" added!
We have added new job, rank 2 of monk, "Priest"!
This will be job to help with team mates with prayers and using Rod!

Here are more about "Priest" skills!
Wind magic DMG to an enemy [WS][For Rods][For Monks]


Fire/Wat/Earth/Wind to allies Boosts resistance [For Monks]


Continuously recovers allies [For Rods] [For Monks]


How to change job to "Priest"
◆Requirements to change job
You will need to achieve the conditions below to change job to priest.
・Level 40 and above Monk[8/23 21:00 Edit]
・CLEAR Main quest "Entering Citadel"

◆Location for job change
Change your job by accepting the job quest from NPC Kaho in the tavern in the Abul State.

New event "Watermelon in Love -Part 2-" now in session!


We have opened the "Watermelon in Love's" 2nd part event!

Event Period
Starts: 2018/8/22 (Wed) after maintenance.
Ends: 2018/9/5 (Wed) start of maintenance.

Details about the event


You can get tickets to challenge special area boss from defeating raid boss in part 2.
You can also exchange with event-limited avatar or items for housing's new function "blue print" from the items you get from defeating area boss by challenging with ticket


Raid Boss Schedule
Raid Boss
Time of Appearance(JST)

Enhanced Raid Boss
Time of Appearance(JST)

Added "Advanced" level for area boss!
Added "advanced" mode for 4 types of area bosses that you can defeat now!
You can now select the level of difficulty when using area boss ticket.

Conditions to battle area boss advanced
・Current job level is over 50
・Cleared main quest 18 "Entering the Citadel"
・Owning item "Area Boss Ticket"

Also, we have added "green" slot for UR weapon "Phantom" that you can create from materials from area boss!

Weapon slot "Green" now available!
Added "Green" as 4th list weapon slot!
Slot will randomly be green slot, for the "Phantom" series created after the maintenance on August 22!

Effects for green core
The core to attach to green slot has the additional effect to raise element attack or resistance.

How to get items that corresponds to green slot
Enhancement items for green slots,"Master Slot Drill G," "Slot Drill G," and "Each green core" will be added to weapon slot related items and winning gacha items.
・Core Box
・Drill Box
・Upgrade Gacha
  < Check here for details! >

Adding new function"Blueprint" for housing!
We have added the "blueprint" function that you can reproduce the preset design!
You can now design your own gorgeous my room!


About the blueprint
You can use blueprint multiple times once you received it.
If you already had the same blueprint that you bought, you can exchange them at the [Recycling] spot in the market for Zell.
When selecting the blueprint from the list, it only shows the blueprints that are applicable to the room size.
You can check the necessary housing items for blueprint from Item Help.

How to use
You can use this function, after getting the blueprint and already storing necessary furnitures and building items in storage necessary.
As you select the blueprint from housing display and "Place All," items will be placed automatically.