[Important] About the changes with rewards in the game and Shop Exchange
Thank you for playing Alchemia Story.

On the maintenance on August 22,
there will be changes below by adjusting the Shop Exchange and rewards in the game.
Please check for more details about this changes.

About changes in rewards in the game
We will be changing the rewards that you can get from quests, missions, achievements, and sudden quests, from Gems to gacha tickets and Alstones.
※We will not be corresponding to rewards that were received before the maintenance on August 22.

Changes in login bonus
We will be changing the details of login bonusthat you can receive everyday to the line-ups below.
We will be switching to the login bonus details from the next day of maintenance.

※When the login bonus is switched, the days for login bonus will be restart from Day 1.

DaysBefore changeAfter change
1Gems 1001,000 Zell
2100 ZellAlstones 50
3Gems 2001,000 Zell
4100 ZellAlstones 50
5Wrappingpaper 5ArmorGachaTix
6Gems 3001,000 Zell
7100 ZellAlstones 50
8Gems 4001,000 Zell
9100 ZellAlstones 50
10RevivalMedicine 5WeaponGachaTix
11Gems 1001,000 Zell
12100 ZellAlstones 50
13Gems 2001,000 Zell
14100 ZellAlstones 50
15Wrappingpaper 5Over-SRArmorGachaTix
16Gems 3001,000 Zell
17100 ZellAlstones 50
18AriadneDoll 101,000 Zell
19100 ZellAlstones 50
20Gems 500Over-SRWeaponGachaTix
21Gems 1001,000 Zell
22100 ZellAlstones 50
23Gems 2001,000 Zell
24100 ZellAlstones 50
25Wrappingpaper 5URArmorGachaTicket
26Gems 3001,000 Zell
27100 ZellAlstones 50
28Gems 4001,000 Zell
29100 ZellAlstones 50

Changes in the line-up with Shop Exchange
We will be adding line-ups in the Exchange such as "Each series gacha ticket", "Master Drill Box".
Due to changes above, we will be suspending items listed below.

Suspended items
 ・3types assort

Also, we will be updating line-up monthly,
and adding gacha tickets that can win the new weapon/armor series that was on sale right before.

Free spins of new weapon gacha/armor gacha
After revision date, you will be able to use the free gacha ticket for new series of weapon and armor gacha released monthly, for 3 days, once per day, from the day of the sale.

※Other special gachas such as accessory gacha and step-up gacha will not be covered.
※We will notify as the gachas will be covered for this event.

Reviewing weapon gacha prices and rate
We had the basic price for "1 spin for 500 Gems/11 spins for 5000 Gems",
but we have lowered the price to "1 spin for 300 Gems/11 spins for 3000 Gems".
We have lowered the price for users to easy to purchase.

Also, we have changed the basic offering rate;
"UR: 50%, SR: 20%, R: 30%" to "UR: 30%, SR:30%, R:40%" for weapon gacha, after the price revision.

We are also changing the basic trading prices;
from "UR: 200 Alstones, SR: 100 Alstones, R: 50 Alstones" to "UR: 120 Alstones, SR: 80 Alstones, and R: 30 Alstones," same levels with Armors.

Price changes in some products
The sale prices will be lowered for users for easier purchase.

Price changed items
 300 Gems → 100 Gems

 ・3types assort
 600 Gems → 200 Gems

Apology for changes
We apologize for incovenience caused regarding this change.
On the day of the maintenance, we will be giving away the following items for all the users.
We will notify more details about how to receive the giveaway for the later maintenace notice.

 ・2000 Alstones
 ・EXPPotato x5
 ・GoldPotato x5
 ・HuntingPotato x5

About future event
We are planning for more campaigns and event rewards for users to have more opportunities to get new, free Gems.

We are striving to enhance our service of Alchemia Story for you to enjoy.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.