[8/8 12:00 Edit]Notice for maintenance[End]
[8/8 12:00 Edit]
This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We will be implementing maintenace with details below.

Scheduled date:
2018/8/8(Wed) 14:00 - 18:00 (JST)

Corresponding Details
・New Event
 ※The event "Cooling Summer Festival -Preparation-" and "-Festival Edition-" will be on until Aug 15th.[8/8 12:00 Edit]
・New Shop
・Adding fishing point to "Stoned Town" and "Bottomless Coalmine."
・Renewing item line-ups that can be traded with fishing coins.

・Changes in each of item "Fireworks"can be stored.
・Change in items listed below can exhibit in "Market Exhibit" and "Trades".[8/8 12:00 Edit]

▼Recoveries from malfunction
・Fixing malfunction of entry limit function does not work properly when owning more than 2 rooms in the housing menu.
・Fixing malfunction of HP of not being calculated correctily while equipping top and bottom integrated armor.
・Fixing malfunction of NPC's posing is unnatural when playing a certain event with "Album."
・Fixing malfunction of when Raid boss "Asutana Stand's" skill "Mow them down!" is not spirit element.
・Other small fixes from malfunction

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

※There may be times that items and EXP gained right after the maintenance hours.
※So please log-out before the maintenace starts.