Notice for App Version 1.0.27
This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.
We have released Alchemia Story App Version 1.0.27
Please update the game from Store.
*There may be time required for updating the app according to the Environment being set up.

Update Details

▼Specification change
・Adding weapon enhancement within the menu.
・Change in showing the list of stamps and emotions in two columns
・Shortening the time fishing motion
・Change to show core and drill icons with same color as item
・Change in showing weapon on the field.
┗You can change from Menu>System>Drawing Detail Settings>Weapon Display
*All the players' weapon will be shown when it is set up as "Display."
・Change in arrangement of the menu
・Adjustment to Chat
・Change in arranging chat log on to the right.

▼Fix from malfunctions
・Fix from malfunction when it is not saved while housing is editted.
・Fix from malfunction of showing EXP is acquired until the time of logging out at the upper level limit.
・Other small adjustments and fixings