New hairstyles 4 types included in Beauty Set!

2nd Version!

New 4 types of hairstyles now available!!
Along with this, we have prepared reasonable set!
Enjoy styling up!!

"Beauty Set II" will include new 4 hairstyles, "BeautyRoom [Player] and [YOME]" !!

Introducing new hairstyles!

HC: Super Long
HC: Pixie Cut
HC: Lower Hair Bun
HC: Mushroom Cut

About "Beauty Set II"

There will be 6 types of items included in "Beauty Set II"!
Beauty Set II『Beauty Set II』
Can purchase 1 time

Details of Beauty Set IIAmount
HC: Super Long
HC: Pixie Cut
HC: Lower Hair Bun1
HC: Mushroom Cut1

How do I use it?

HC (hair catalog) items that are included in "Beauty Set II" will be able to choose hairstyles within the "Beauty Room" when used from the item list.

[How to use]
1. Use HC(Hair Catalog) item from item listings.
2. Use item "Beauty Rm."
3. You can select purchased hairstyles in Beauty Room.

Where can I buy these items?

Items are sold at Shop!

How to go to shop:
Tap "≡" on left-side of the game>Tap "Shop" on left-side of display in the Menu>Tap "Shop" on down-right of the display.


The effect will be directly added to item list after you purchase the item, not through receiving them from present box.