2nd Job added! Mechanic Addition Update!
After the June 27th maintenance, we have newly added Rank 2 Job for craftman, "Mechanic"!

New Rank 2 Job Added

We now have added "Mechanic" as Rank 2 for Craftman!
In order to be Mechanic, you will need to reach to level 40 for Rank 1 Job, "Craftman."


About new job, "Mechanic"
Mechanic can raise all allies' resistance to Fire, and there will be more exclusive skills when 1Hand Axe is equipped !



"Mechanic's" Skills
Skill:[Triad Gear]
Physical damage to single opponent.
[1HAxeMark][1HAxe Only]


Physical DEF,MDEF and enhance some skill to use next.[Crafter only]


How to change job to "Mechanic"
Requirements to change job:
・Level 40 and above Craftman
・CLEAR Main quest "Entering Citadel"
Location for job change:
Go to Tavern and accept quest to from NPC "Kaho"
*Depending on the game's configuration, "Mechanic" may not be displayed in the job quest list.
The list will be updated 0 o'clock the next day, which will require some waiting time.