Secondary Job Added! Update for Holy Knight!
Following the maintenance on 6/20, we have released the secondary job "Holy Knight"!
Additionally, please stay tuned for our updates on 6/27th and 7/4th when we plan to add 2 more secondary jobs!

Secondary Job Addition

The added job for this update is the secondary job for Knights, the "Holy Knight"!
As a requirement for becoming a Holy Knight, first job "Knights" will need to have reached Lv 40.


About the New Job, "Holy Knight"
The "Holy Knight" fights using the special skills of a one-handed sword and increases the defensive power of all allies!



"Holy Knight" Skills
Skill:Chivalry Blade
Physical damage to single opponent.
[1H Sword Token] [1HSword only]


Magic DEF Up to team.
[Knight only]


How to Change Jobs to "Holy Knight"
Conditions for Changing Jobs:
・Knight Lv40+
・Clear main quest "Chpt 34 An Old Soldier's Resolve"
Where to Change Jobs:
Change your job by accepting the "Holy Knight" job quest from NPC Kaho in the tavern in the Abul State.
*Depending on the game specifications "Holy Knight" may not be displayed on the job quest list.
 In this instance, the list wil be updated at 0:00 the next day, so please wait until then.