[Character Avatar Lotto]


Only the outfits of the in-game characters Howard and Kuno can be won from this Lotto.

[Master & Servant Ticket] x1 is required to draw from the [Master & Servant Lotto].
Please see here for details about the[Armor Lotto] where you can get the [Master & Servant Ticket]!

Check here for [Master & Servant Lotto] armor!



Rarity: SR ★★★

TopFireMillionaire coat G
TopWaterMillionaire coat O
TopEarthMillionaire coat L
TopWindMillionaire coat D
TopFireServant dress G
TopWaterServant dress O
TopEarthServant dress L
TopWindServant dress D
BottomsFireMillionaire Bleach's G
BottomsWaterMillionaire Bleach's O
BottomsEarthMillionaire Bleach's L
BottomsWindMillionaire Bleach's D
BottomsFireServant skirt G
BottomsWaterServant skirt O
BottomsEarthServant skirt L
BottomsWindServant skirt D

※There may be overlaps of same items won as well.
※Offering rate will differ according to different items.
※The picture appearing may differ according to the combination of equipment and system.