For users who were playing on the Japanese version before the foreign release [6/20 Edit]
[6/20 Edit] The app is now modified to connect to the language environment that was registered for the first time without switching the language of the device from 6/20's app update.

This is the Alchemia Story Operations Team.
"The language server you will play in is decided by the language in use on your device the first time you start up Alchemia Story.
For this reason, if you wish to play the game in XX language environment, then you will need to set your device to XX language before starting up the app for the first time."
However, if you downloaded and were playing Alchemia Story in Japanese before the release of the XX language version, your character data is saved to the Japanese server, but the app will be unable to progress beyond the title screen if you device is set to another language setting than Japanese, due to the language inconsistency.
While you can switch your device to Japanese to continue playing in the Japanese langauge environment, as an emergency response to this problem, we plan to update the app version in the next few days so that you may be able to continue to play in the language environment of your initial start up without needing to change the language of the device.
※We have confirmed the same result when the application is started in languages other than Japanese as well.
"Regardless of language environment, character data is limited to one character per account.
Consequently, players cannot play on a language server other than langauge server the account was first registered on."
However, if it is by all means completely necessary to change the language server, it may be possible for us to move the account when contacted through customer support.
"When transfering the account between language servers, all items must be withdrawn from the present box in order for the account to be moved.
Also, we ask that you please refer to the following items regarding the transfer of data between languages."
"▼Transferable Data
・Number of shop purchases with limited purchase amounts
・Number of bag, storage, and synth expansions

▼Non-Transferable Data
・Any data other than that listed above

※You must withdraw all contents from the shop box on the original language server before the transfer can be done."
We apologize for any confusion caused by insufficient information provided immediatly after release.