Special "Marine Life Gacha" now available!

A special "Marine Life" Gacha featuring sea creatures and other ocean-themed avatars is now available!
Draw 50 times to have a chance to get the "Marine Life G Set Box" from which you may win an avatar set (head, top, bottoms)!
so don’t miss this chance!!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2024/6/5 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2024/6/12 (Wed) 13:59

10 Draws
1 Gacha Stamp bonus!
Gems: 3,000

Marine life G Set Box

If you use the "Marine Life G Set Box", you can get one of the following sets.
Konomi Cape RG(Head)
Konomi Jacket RG(Top)
Konomi Boots RG(Bottoms)
Gerumi Cape RG(Head)
Gerumi Jacket RG(Top)
Gerumi Boots RG(Bottoms)
Chocomi Cape RG(Head)
Chocomi Jacket RG(Top)
Chocomi Boots RG(Bottoms)
Frostimi Cape RG(Head)
Frostimi Jacket RG(Top)
Frostimi Boots RG(Bottoms)
Jellyfish Beret H(Head)
Jellyfish Top H(Top)
Jellyfish Bottoms H(Bottoms)
Jellyfish Beret C(Head)
Jellyfish Top C(Top)
Jellyfish Bottoms C(Bottoms)
Jellyfish Beret R(Head)
Jellyfish Top R(Top)
Jellyfish Bottoms R(Bottoms)
Jellyfish Beret P(Head)
Jellyfish Top P(Top)
Jellyfish Bottoms P(Bottoms)
Aegir Crown C(Head)
Aegir Cape C(Top)
Aegir Bottoms C(Bottoms)
Aegir Crown A(Head)
Aegir Cape A(Top)
Aegir Bottoms A(Bottoms)
Aegir Crown P(Head)
Aegir Cape P(Top)
Aegir Bottoms P(Bottoms)
Aegir Crown J(Head)
Aegir Cape J(Top)
Aegir Bottoms J(Bottoms)
Red Sea Slug Hood(Head)
Red Sea Slug Top(Top)
Red Sea Slug Pants(Bottoms)
Blue Sea Slug Hood(Head)
Blue Sea Slug Top(Top)
Blue Sea Slug Pants(Bottoms)
White Sea Slug Hood(Head)
White Sea Slug Top(Top)
White Sea Slug Pants(Bottoms)
Purple Sea Slug Hood(Head)
Purple Sea Slug Top(Top)
Purple Sea Slug Pants(Bottoms)
Marine A Sailor Hat(Head)
Marine A Sailor Frock Coat(Top)
Marine A Sailor Pants(Bottoms)
Marine M Sailor Hat(Head)
Marine M Sailor Frock Coat(Top)
Marine M Sailor Pants(Bottoms)
Marine C Sailor Hat(Head)
Marine C Sailor Frock Coat(Top)
Marine C Sailor Pants(Bottoms)
Marine R Sailor Hat(Head)
Marine R Sailor Frock Coat(Top)
Marine R Sailor Pants(Bottoms)

Slot information
・You can get 1 slot (Red / Blue / Yellow / Green) at random for each part (Head, Top, Bottoms).

Check the featured items!


Gerumi RG

Female only
UR Gerumi Cape RG

Male only
Water DEF+50

Female only
UR Gerumi Jacket RG
Part: Top

Male only
Water DEF+50

Female only
UR Gerumi Boots RG
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Water DEF+50

For both male/female
SR Gerumi Bag RG
Water DEF+15

For both male/female
SR Gerumi Plushie RG
Water DEF+15


Jellyfish C

Female only
UR Jellyfish Beret C
Part: Head

Male only
Element: Water+50

Female only
UR Jellyfish Top C
Part: Top

Male only
Element: Water+50

Female only
UR Jellyfish Bottoms C
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Water+50

For both male/female
SR Floating Jellyfish C
Part: Accessory
Element: Water+15

For both male/female
SR Fish Water Pistol C
Part: Accessory
Element: Water+15


Aegir J

Female only
UR Aegir Crown J

Male only
Wind DEF+50

Female only
UR Aegir Cape J
Part: Top

Male only
Wind DEF+50

Female only
UR Aegir Bottoms J
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Wind DEF+50

For both male/female
SR Aegir Trident J

For both male/female
SR Aegir Harp J
Wind DEF+15

UR ★★★★:30%
SR ★★★:35%
R ★★:35%
Rarity:UR ★★★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireKonomi Cape RG0.500%
HeadWaterGerumi Cape RG0.500%
HeadEarthChocomi Cape RG0.500%
HeadWindFrostimi Cape RG0.500%
TopFireKonomi Jacket RG0.500%
TopWaterGerumi Jacket RG0.500%
TopEarthChocomi Jacket RG0.500%
TopWindFrostimi Jacket RG0.500%
BottomsFireKonomi Boots RG0.500%
BottomsWaterGerumi Boots RG0.500%
BottomsEarthChocomi Boots RG0.500%
BottomsWindFrostimi Boots RG0.500%
HeadFireJellyfish Beret H0.500%
HeadWaterJellyfish Beret C0.500%
HeadEarthJellyfish Beret R0.500%
HeadWindJellyfish Beret P0.500%
TopFireJellyfish Top H0.500%
TopWaterJellyfish Top C0.500%
TopEarthJellyfish Top R0.500%
TopWindJellyfish Top P0.500%
BottomsFireJellyfish Bottoms H0.500%
BottomsWaterJellyfish Bottoms C0.500%
BottomsEarthJellyfish Bottoms R0.500%
BottomsWindJellyfish Bottoms P0.500%
HeadFireAegir Crown C0.500%
HeadWaterAegir Crown A0.500%
HeadEarthAegir Crown P0.500%
HeadWindAegir Crown J0.500%
TopFireAegir Cape C0.500%
TopWaterAegir Cape A0.500%
TopEarthAegir Cape P0.500%
TopWindAegir Cape J0.500%
BottomsFireAegir Bottoms C0.500%
BottomsWaterAegir Bottoms A0.500%
BottomsEarthAegir Bottoms P0.500%
BottomsWindAegir Bottoms J0.500%
HeadFireRed Sea Slug Hood0.500%
HeadWaterBlue Sea Slug Hood0.500%
HeadEarthWhite Sea Slug Hood0.500%
HeadWindPurple Sea Slug Hood0.500%
TopFireRed Sea Slug Top0.500%
TopWaterBlue Sea Slug Top0.500%
TopEarthWhite Sea Slug Top0.500%
TopWindPurple Sea Slug Top0.500%
BottomsFireRed Sea Slug Pants0.500%
BottomsWaterBlue Sea Slug Pants0.500%
BottomsEarthWhite Sea Slug Pants0.500%
BottomsWindPurple Sea Slug Pants0.500%
HeadFireMarine A Sailor Hat0.500%
HeadWaterMarine M Sailor Hat0.500%
HeadEarthMarine C Sailor Hat0.500%
HeadWindMarine R Sailor Hat0.500%
TopFireMarine A Sailor Frock Coat0.500%
TopWaterMarine M Sailor Frock Coat0.500%
TopEarthMarine C Sailor Frock Coat0.500%
TopWindMarine R Sailor Frock Coat0.500%
BottomsFireMarine A Sailor Pants0.500%
BottomsWaterMarine M Sailor Pants0.500%
BottomsEarthMarine C Sailor Pants0.500%
BottomsWindMarine R Sailor Pants0.500%

Rarity:SR ★★★(Tap Here)

AccessoryFireKonomi Bag RG0.306%
AccessoryWaterGerumi Bag RG0.306%
AccessoryEarthChocomi Bag RG0.306%
AccessoryWindFrostimi Bag RG0.306%
AccessoryFireKonomi Plushie RG0.306%
AccessoryWaterGerumi Plushie RG0.306%
AccessoryEarthChocomi Plushie RG0.306%
AccessoryWindFrostimi Plushie RG0.306%
AccessoryFireFloating Jellyfish H0.306%
AccessoryWaterFloating Jellyfish C0.306%
AccessoryEarthFloating Jellyfish R0.306%
AccessoryWindFloating Jellyfish P0.306%
AccessoryFireFish Water Pistol H0.306%
AccessoryWaterFish Water Pistol C0.306%
AccessoryEarthFish Water Pistol R0.306%
AccessoryWindFish Water Pistol P0.306%
Spear-Aegir Trident C0.306%
Spear-Aegir Trident A0.306%
Spear-Aegir Trident P0.306%
Spear-Aegir Trident J0.306%
AccessoryFireAegir Harp C0.306%
AccessoryWaterAegir Harp A0.306%
AccessoryEarthAegir Harp P0.306%
AccessoryWindAegir Harp J0.306%
AccessoryFireRed Sea Slug0.306%
AccessoryWaterBlue Sea Slug0.306%
AccessoryEarthWhite Sea Slug0.306%
AccessoryWindPurple Sea Slug0.306%
AccessoryFireSea Slug Float R0.306%
AccessoryWaterSea Slug Float B0.306%
AccessoryEarthSea Slug Float W0.306%
AccessoryWindSea Slug Float P0.306%
AccessoryFireMarine A Penguin0.306%
AccessoryWaterMarine M Penguin0.306%
AccessoryEarthMarine C Penguin0.306%
AccessoryWindMarine R Penguin0.306%
HeadFireFlamme Schaller2.000%
HeadWaterWasser Schaller2.000%
HeadEarthErde Schaller2.000%
HeadWindWind Schaller2.000%
TopFireFlamme Harnisch2.000%
TopWaterWasser Harnisch2.000%
TopEarthErde Harnisch2.000%
TopWindWind Harnisch2.000%
BottomsFireFlamme Eisenschuhe2.000%
BottomsWaterWasser Eisenschuhe2.000%
BottomsEarthErde Eisenschuhe2.000%
BottomsWindWind Eisenschuhe2.000%

Rarity:R  ★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireFlame Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadWindAero Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadFireFlame Witch Hat0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Witch Hat0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Witch Hat0.486%
HeadWindAero Witch Hat0.486%
HeadFireFlame Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadWindAero Rogue Headgear0.486%
TopFireFlame Warrior Coat0.486%
TopWaterAqua Warrior Coat0.486%
TopEarthEarth Warrior Coat0.486%
TopWindAero Warrior Coat0.486%
TopFireFlame Witch Robe0.486%
TopWaterAqua Witch Robe0.486%
TopEarthEarth Witch Robe0.486%
TopWindAero Witch Robe0.486%
TopFireFlame Rogue Vest0.486%
TopWaterAqua Rogue Vest0.486%
TopEarthEarth Rogue Vest0.486%
TopWindAero Rogue Vest0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWindAero Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsWindAero Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsWindAero Rogue Braies0.486%
HeadFireFlame Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadWindAero Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadFireFlame Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadWindAero Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadFireFlame Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadWindAero Colosseum Head0.486%
TopFireFlame Ritter Coat0.486%
TopWaterAqua Ritter Coat0.486%
TopEarthEarth Ritter Coat0.486%
TopWindAero Ritter Coat0.486%
TopFireFlame Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopWaterAqua Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopEarthEarth Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopWindAero Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopFireFlame Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopWaterAqua Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopEarthEarth Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopWindAero Colosseum Vest0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWindAero Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsWindAero Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsWindAero Colosseum Braies0.486%

*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.