New Area Boss! March 19 Update!


New Area Boss "Buccaneer" arrives!


The powerful Area Boss - "Buccaneer" has appeared in the Underground Factory 5F!
Those who win the battles against the powerful Buccaneer might get materials and rare accessories...
Face this overwhelming power together with your friends!
*You need 3 Area Boss Tickets to fight.

・You must clear the quest "[N] New Organization"
・Your current job must be Lv 70 or above.
・You need 3 "Area Boss Tickets".
If you meet the above conditions, target the pillar of light placed in front of the Underground Factory in the "Village of Destruction". Select "Area Boss" from the menu.

Buccaneer Drop Items
Rune Compatible Earrings
You can carve Runes to the accessories that Buccaneer drops!
You can also create powerful Runes with the Rune materials that Buccaneer drops!

Magic Coin [Platinum]
You can use it to create special Runes.

Rune Materials
Collect Buccaneer's materials and create powerful Runes.
*Deck in the Enhancement Center will exchange them for Runes.

Rune Ability examples
・Boosts the ability that increases hate druing action
・Boosts the ability and boosts the ability even further according to the number of times skills are used
You'll have a chance get the above abilities and more!

*Find more about Runeshere