【13:00 Update】Notice: Temporary disconnection
【13:00 Update】
Server update has been completed.
Thank you for your cooperation.

【Update Details】
Fixed an issue where players also got Gems when exchanging the item "White Fairy Wing" in the event "The Sweet Scent of Danger ~Part 2~"
We have temporarily fixed the issue so that you cannot receive the Gems.
*Gems will be displayed in the trade, however, they will not be received.

We are planning to collect back the Gems and items that were affected by this issue on a later day.
*We will take action concerning accounts that are abusing this bug.

This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.
Please note that your game may get disconnected during the following period.

Scheduled date(JST)
2024/2/29(Thu) 12:15~12:30(JST)

Server information update

In the case you get disconnected, you can continue playing by logging in again.

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.