Part 2 starts! November 22 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our November 22 update!

Main story part 2 starts!
Main story part 2 starts! We have added two new chapters.

*You must clear the following quests to accept the new quests.
・[N] To the Far Land
・[N] Looming Shadows
・[N] Quest from the Kingdom
・[N] The Forgotten Village
・[N] Boys of the New World
・To Find Happiness
・[N] Outside the Walls

*There are no voices in this quest.

Introduction (contains spoilers!)

The circling world that was repeatedly trying to avoid destruction, has been broken.
The world became a place where everyone's hopes have been fulfilled little by little. Although it may not be perfect, everyone seems to be a little happier.

There may be some distortions, but a new world was created in a miraculous balance.
However, hidden in the darkness, there were those who were waiting for the moment to be unleashed...

The strongest enemy, unknown even to the former gods, was born.
This "shadow" is now trying to take over the world...